Beldray Cordless Window Vac Review

Beldray Cordless Window Vac  Review
Beldray Cordless Window Vac.jpg

Product: Beldray Cordless Window Vaccuum

Rating: ★★★★★ (5/5)

Price: £20 at Wilko


What they say

No drips, no streaks, quick and easy. Perfect for removing condensation. Cordless and rechargeable. Comes with a three year guarantee.

What our reviewer thought

This cleaning gadget like an oversized squeegee that, once charged will operate for up to 30 minutes to remove liquid from a surface being cleaned (or remove troublesome condensation from widows).

I was curious initially what benefit this gadget would have. It soon became obvious that a regular squeegee can potentially create more streaks than it clears, as you are simply pushing the liquid around, this removes the liquid and dirt efficiently from the surface being cleaned.

After powering-up with the charger provided, firstly I tried the window vac after applying detergent to my windows. I was genuinely impressed at how one sweep of the squeegee efficiently removes all liquid and left an impressively sparkling surface -  in return for so little effort. The water collected can be then simply emptied from a small tank by the handle.

I have since used the window vac to clean many surfaces round the house, including glossy kitchen cabinet doors, mirrors and shower screens, all with excellent results. 

The unit is extremely lightweight and easy to handle. My only observation is that although it tackles car interior windows equally well, its size prevents it from accessing awkward areas such as a car windscreen near the dashboard.

This gadget is reasonably priced for the benefit it delivers and I would recommend it.

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