Is this the John Lewis Christmas advert for 2017?

Is this the John Lewis Christmas advert for 2017?

The John Lewis Christmas advert is now as big a part of our festive countdown as stocking up on Quality Street and crackers. And it's not long before the hotly-anticipated ad hits our screens. But it appears the department store is teasing us with a glimpse of its new offering - a cute monster blinking under the bed with Twitter going into overdrive with #UnderTheBed.

In previous years we've had trampolining Buster the Boxer, Man on the Moon and The Bear & The Hare but sources have reported that this year John Lewis have created something like nothing they've done before.

A big cuddly monster

Rumours are the John Lewis advert will revolve around a big cuddly monster - a cross between the Gruffalo and a huge, cute teddy bear. And it will be a real tug on our heart strings!

Another 'leaked' John Lewis advert doing the rounds today is The Fox & The Mouse with a cover version of A-ha's 'Take on Me' with over half a million YouTube views.

Aside from which is the real ad and when is it being shown, the other big question is what will the accompanying song be? Many are putting their money on Wham's 'Last Christmas'. What's certain is it will be a big seller. All will be revealed soon (we hope)!