Grab the new SodaStream Fizzi White for just £10
Fizzi White £99.jpg

You can treat yourself to SodaStream’s new Fizzi White sparkling water maker for just £10 (saving £89.99) this Thursday (August 24). Just 400 machines will be made available on a first-come-first-served basis, so you'll have to hurry to SodaStream's website in you want one!

Get busy with the new Fizzi!

Get busy with the new Fizzi!

The award-winning Fizzi, which turns tap water into sparkling water in seconds, is a far cry from SodaStream's fizzy, sugary pop offerings in the Eighties. Back when we were wearing leg warmers and dancing to Wham, four in ten UK home had a SodaStream, totalling some nine million machines. Today SodaStream is all about encouraging a healthy lifestyle and calling on fans to join the sparkling water revolution and fall back in love with SodaStream in 2017.

Why drink sparkling water

  • Better for you bubbles: Sparkling water can be flavoured with fresh fruits to make a healthier alternative to fizzy drinks, drastically cutting sugar and artificial additive intake.
  • Stay hydrated: An independent report by SodaStream found some 7.2million Brits aren’t drinking a glass of water in a day, adding to a range of ailments and health concerns, with 20% having received personal medical advice to increase water intake. SodaStream owners drink an average of 43% more water daily.
  • Save the planet: Help the planet and reduce single-use plastic bottles which are ending up in our parks, rivers and landfill. One SodaStream reusable bottle lasts more than three years.
  • Save ££: For consumers that drink branded sparkling water or fizzy drinks, a SodaStream offers annual savings of more than £330.

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