Deal of the day - Free wildflower seeds for bees

Deal of the day - Free wildflower seeds for bees

Award-winning ethical gifting company Beefayre is giving away thousands of wildflower seeds for free as part of its new #SeedsforBees campaign.

The aim of the campaign is to encourage us to connect with nature and the plight of the honeybee. By sowing wildflower seeds, we can help create much-needed habitat for all our hard-working pollinators.

Everyone can become a bee-friendly gardener

Beefayre donates 3 per cent of its profits to bee conservation – an increasingly important topic that affects the human population. Bees are dying out fast, with the main cause being loss of habitat - 97 per cent of their grasslands habitats have disappeared in the past 60 years.

Sharon Jervis of Beefayre says: "Whether you're an urban dweller or live in the countryside, you can help by planting just a few seeds in a garden bed, pots, a window box or hanging basket. With our free giveaway, everyone can become a bee-friendly gardener."

Beefayre has sourced the seeds from ethical seed company Habitat Aid, that provides native wildflower meadow mix and shares the same passion for nature and conversation.

Numbers are limited, so bee quick! To join in with the campaign, simply register to claim a free pack of seeds for bees here.

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