Aldi Specialbuys cleaning and washing essentials
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Save on cleaning and laundry products with Aldi's Specialbuys from July 27. Here's what you can get.

Laundry for less

100 Washes Washing Powder - £7.99 for 6.5kg

A great value pack with enough for 100 washes. Choose from, Non-Bio, Bio or Colour. Available in store only. £1.23 per kg, 8p per wash.

Alamat Dragon Flower Eclipse washing power £2.49

Alamat Dragon Flower Eclipse washing power £2.49

Luxurious Washing Powder - £2.49 for 1.625kg

Give your washing a fresh, crisp fragrance. Choose from Golden Bouquet or Dragon Flower Eclipse. £1.53 per kg, 10p per wash

Oxi Stain Remover - £2.29 for 1kg
Get rid of tough stains for less. Choose from Oxi-White or Oxi-Bright. Available in store only.

Luxurious Liquid Sachets - £2.89 for 20 pack

Choose from Bergamot & Blue Lily or Magnolia & Strawberry. 14.5p per wash

Stain Remover Spray - £1.15 for 500ml

Tackle those tough clothing stains before you wash. £2.30 per litre

Limescale Prevention Tablets - £2.99 45 pack

Protect your machine from limescale build up and keep it running smoothly.
6.6p per tablet

Twin Pack Washing Machine Cleaner - £1.99 2x 250ml

Keep your washing machine clean and odour free. £3.98 per litre

Dish deals 

Magnum Dishwasher Cleaner - £1.99 for 2 x 250ml

Keep your dishwasher clean, remove limescale, grease and neutralise odours. Available in store only.

Magnum Dishwasher Salt - 89p for 2kg

Softens water to improve cleaning and protect against limescale.
45p per kg

Magnum Rinse Aid - £1.99 for 1 litre

For faster drying and shinier dishes. Choose from Original or Lemon. Available in store only.

Magnum All in 1 Dishwasher Tablets - £5.49 for 70 pack

Effective all in 1 cleaning power at an amazing price.
7.8p per tablet

Magnum Premium Washing Up Liquid – 75p for 500ml

A Which? magazine Best Buy.

Fresh as a Daisy

Scentcerity Reed Diffuser £2.79

Scentcerity Reed Diffuser £2.79

Minky Soak-Up Cloths - £1.99 for 4 pack

Hold up to 10 times their weight in water. Machine washable. Approx. 40 x 38cm. Available in store only. 49.8p per cloth

All Purpose Wipes - 85p for 80 pack. Kills 99% of all germs!

Soap Pads - 75p for 10 pack. Remove dirt and stains and leave a brilliant shine.
7.5p each

Plenty The Original One - £2.49 for 4 pack Available in store only. £1.25 per 100 sheets

Air Freshener Pearls - £85p each. Choose from Cherry Blossom, Cool Linen, French Vanilla or Lavender & Camomile. Available in store only

Scentcerity Reed Diffuser - £2.79 for 45ml. Pamper yourself with a soothing, relaxing atmosphere. Choose from Mandarin & Wild Thyme, White Peony & Sandalwood or Neroli & Grapefruit. Available in store only.

As with all Specialbuys, products will stay while stocks last!