What does your star sign say about your driving?

What does your star sign say about your driving?

Ever wondered why some people appear to be natural drivers whilst others seem to panic behind the wheel? Well perhaps there’s a reason why many take ten attempts to pass their test and others succeed the first time. New research from Privilege insurance has found that the nations driving habits could be dictated by our star sign, and it’s bad news for Taureans.

According to the research, Scorpios are the best drivers with them being the least likely to make a car insurance claim. When it comes to parking, Cancerians are the most confident with 61 per cent claiming they rarely struggle parking their vehicle. Celebrity astrologer, Debbie Frank believes this is because Cancerians are cautious by nature.

Although driving can seem like a chore for most of us, Virgos are most likely to enjoy driving, with 26 per cent taking a trip in the car for no reason. On the other hand, Librans do not find driving calming and are the nation’s angriest drivers, whilst Geminis are the calmest drivers with 19 per cent claiming they have never experienced road rage. According to Debbie, this is because Virgos are ruled by Mercury which is the planet of motoring and mobility which suggests they do their thinking whilst driving. Aries appear to be the rudest drivers however, with most admitting they rarely give way to other cars whilst 84 per cent of Sagittarians admit they are always polite on the roads. 


Take caution if you catch a lift from a Taurus as they are deemed the worst drivers, being most likely to make an insurance claim, admitting that they frequently find it difficult to park their car. You should also be wary of travelling with Leos of whom 37 per cent usually ignore the speed limit! However, you can feel safer in the passenger seat with a Capricorn behind the wheel, with 45 per cent of them claiming they never break the speed limit.

Most drivers will admit to having a dream car that they would love to own, but according to Privilege, having a nice car is very important to Aries, with 25 per cent admitting that having a better car than their friends or family is a priority. In contrast, Scorpios don’t really care what car they drive, with 88 per cent not being interested in buying a flash car. Debbie claims that Scorpios realise the power lies within themselves, so aren’t as competitive or flashy, whereas Pisceans long to escape the mundane world and find this in a sportier car.


Keeping their vehicle clean is most important to Pisceans, with most admitting they clean their car at least once a month. Aquarians on the other hand don’t mind if their motor looks a little dirty, only cleaning their cars once every six months! They are also the most likely to have a crazy coloured car like purple or yellow.

Although it was a long time ago for a lot of us, can you remember how many times you attempted to pass your driving test? You most likely took the longest if you’re an Aquarian, with 29 per cent taking three or more attempts to pass. However, if you’re a Gemini or Leo, you probably passed first time. According to Debbie, Aquarians are easily distracted which is why they might struggle to focus during a test. Leo’s on the other hand are more likely to pass first time as they are determined to win.