Keep up to date and stay safe

Keep up to date and stay safe

It's the leaflet that ends up crumpled in that drawer - the 'register your appliance' form. But there's more to officially logging any new home purchases than you might think.

While three-quarters of us* say the reason we register our fridges, dishwashers and hoovers is to activate the product guarantee, the majority of us still don't bother to do it.

But besides getting our money's worth, there's another important reason to register anything new - our safety.

Though less than a quarter of us know it*, registering new appliances allows the manufacturer to contact us immediately, should there be any safety concerns, or a need to recall products for checking and testing. And though manufacturers hope this won't be the case, they agree it's always better to be prepared.

Visit to see if you own anything that could be reigstered there. The site is designed specifically to make registering your domestic appliances a fuss-free and simple task, covering 47 leading brands.

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* YouGov survey, December 2014