Collecting vintage Chad Valley dolls

Chad Valley’s Twenties dolls designed by British illustrator Mabel Lucie Attwell (1879-1964) are considered the best Attwell character dolls.

Attwell was known for her cute drawings of children, based on her daughter Peggy and her drawings were featured on many postcards, advertisements, posters, books and figurines. She was also responsible for the entire doll, from face to clothes.

The range comprised 16 differently-dressed dolls, each with a cheeky smile and side-glancing eyes. They were sold in a ‘Bed-Bye’ box and prices are reserved for complete, good condition dolls with box. Attwell was so fastidious that when Harrods exhibited the dolls, her maid was sent to check the hairstyles were correct! This Chad Valley ‘Bambina’ is worth £450-£550.

British company Chad Valley became toy-maker to Queen Elizabeth (later the Queen Mother) in 1938.