Only the best for your cat

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We all want the best for our cats, whether we have a wild-eyed, mischievous little kitten or a graceful, more mature Mog. One of the best ways we can look out for our cats is to make sure they get only the finest food that'll keep them strong, active and just as characterful as ever. 

Burgess Pet Care is a leading pet food manufacturer with over 200 years of experience, meaning they know just how to pack the most benefit into their cat food. Made using natural grain-free recipes, the Burgess Wellbeing Range is specially designed to help maintain your cat's health and wellbeing, while making sure they get a deliciously tasty meal. 


burgess cat food

For any Mogs predisposed to carrying a little extra weight than they should, the Burgess Wellbeing Slender food is a great option to help promote a thriving metabolism and steer off any urinary problems that can arise in cats that are overweight. 

Got an indoor cat who'd much rather snuggle on your knee then head outdoors? Try the Wellbeing Skin & Coat food, ideal for long-haired and indoor cats who spend more time grooming as it contains natural fibres for Hairball Control, as well as linseed and biotin that maintains a beautifully, glossy coat and skin. 

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And for those cats with a sensitive tummy, try Wellbeing Sensitive, boosted with natural prebiotics that help gut bacteria flourish, while neutralising any unpleasant smells from the litter tray. 

Whichever food you pick from the Burgess range, you'll also get the added benefit of Burgess' Dental Defence Technology. Given that 70 per cent of all cats have troublesome dental problems by the age of three, this Dental Defence Technology uses natural fibres and special ingredients to help see off plaque and ensure your cat has healthy teeth and gums, meaning you'll have a happier, healthier cat all round. 

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