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Alternative ways to exercise your pets

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Alternative ways to exercise your pets


Try a cat tower

A multi tiered cat tower is a good way to ensure your cat has plenty of places to play and areas to climb for a good cat workout. You can place small treats in different parts of the tower to encourage climbing and playing. The Fetch Wolf & Tiger Activity Tower (RRP: £24.28) scratching post is great for bored cat’s claws and don’t forget the furniture too.  It can also be transformed into different shapes to help keep your feline friend entertained for hours at a time.


If your dog has lots of energy or pounds to burn off, flyball can be a perfect activity for the garden and is great exercise for owners as well. This high-energy sport is not only great training, but can help develop strong bonds between pet and owner too. Fetch’s Rosewood Agility Flyball (RRP: £23.08) is perfect for dogs and can be easily assembled in any back garden. It has a large no slip foot plate and includes a tennis ball too so no excuse to limber up!

Obstacle courses aren’t just for dog shows

Agility competitions aren’t just for dogs, your feline friend can join in the fun now too. Building your kitty an indoor obstacle course is a great way exercise a tubby tabby or prepare them for a professional agility competition. The KONG Cat Tunnel  (RRP: £14.97) is a great way to give your cat a space to play and can collapse for easy storage when playtime is finished. Each tunnel measures 24 inches in length and the crinkle sound arouses your cat’s natural curiosity. KONG Cat Tunnels are available in two styles red nylon or denim.

 It’s hard to beat playing Fetch with your dog

And finally, if you do manage to get to the park, a simple game of fetch can be all that is needed for your dog’s daily exercise fix. Fetch is easy to squeeze into busy schedules as there is no need to travel far to fit in a game. A park near the house or your backyard can be the perfect place to enjoy this addictive game. The Fetch Chuckit Flying Squirrel (RRP: £7.99 - £9.99) is one squirrel who won’t mind being chased. Just grab him by a flying paw and throw him like a flying disk. His spinning feet create visual excitement for pet and owner, and the raised sides make him easy to pick up too!

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