7 of the most unlikely animal couples

7 of the most unlikely animal couples

These two are always horsing around

Best friends Poppy the rescued Shetland pony and Tilly, the 10-year old Jack Russell, are always sharing a joke.

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Otterly adorable!

This six-week old otter and a litter of kittens became best mates after a tough start to life. This baby otter was just one of three siblings to survive it's thought after their mother passed away. But life is looking up now he's found friendship in a family of four orphaned kittens at the Secret World Rescue centre in Somerset.

Gibbon us a ride

Jack the failed army alsation who's had a few problems with his behaviour formed in an unlikely relationship with Odo the abandoned gibbon in Essex.

Good night, deer

Here orphaned deer Bluebell gives a loving kiss to best friend Sam the labrador. The two are apparently inseparable.

Who are ewe?

For Billy the sheep, going for walkies with the rest of his pals is just part of his everyday routine. Saved as a lamb just hours after his mother was sadly killed, Billy now lives at the Wildlives rescue centre and is quite fully convinced that he is now a dog.

Little and large

You'd normally expect the mare to wear the trousers in this doggie-horse relationship but here the 48 inch high Great Dane Jacob stands taller than his dear friend, Tweedle-dee, the 29 inch Shetland Pony, who met each other at the Bleakholt Animal Sanctuary near Ramsbottom, Lancashire.

Time for a cuddle

Then there's this cat and horse who just cannot stop cuddling. Watch the Youtube video of them nuzzling here