World's most and least expensive cities for sightseeing tours

For holidaymakers jetting off on city breaks this summer, hopping on a sightseeing bus tour is the most convenient way to take in the attractions in one go. But the total cost for a family bus ticket can vary by as much as £147 across popular holiday destinations, according to new research.

No.1 Currency looked at the cost of sightseeing bus tours in some of the most visited cities around the world. The research compared the price of a day-pass ticket for an adult and a family of four in 27 major cities, both in Europe and further afield.

The figures reveal that a bus tour of iconic New York sights would cost a family of four £159, compared to a tour of Delhi, which will set holiday makers back just £12. London is the most expensive sightseeing bus tour in Europe at £90 for a family of four.

Cost per attraction

Comparing bus tours by the number of attractions visited, Paris is actually the most expensive tour of all the major cities, when calculated by cost per attraction. A whistle-stop bus tour of Paris, visiting nine sights, costs £24 for an adult, working out at £2.67 per attraction. In Europe, Rome and Stockholm follow Paris as the second and third most expensive when calculated on this basis, with the tour costing £2.19 and £1.82 respectively per site visited.

By comparison, experiencing Dublin on a sightseeing bus is the best value tour in Europe, with a £15 ticket taking in the 23 main tourist attractions, working out at just £0.65 each.

Euro sightseeing costs

On total price alone, Berlin and Madrid offer the cheapest bus tours in mainland Europe for families, costing just £39 for two adults and two children. For those travelling solo, Munich bus tours are the cheapest, with a ticket for the day costing just £13. By comparison, those looking to spend the summer seeing the sights of London will have to fork out the most, with a family ticket typically costing £90. For this princely sum, however, you’ll get to see 26 of the city’s most notable landmarks - the most of any city tour.

London offers 26 sites - the most of any city tour

Plan ahead

Simon Phillips, Retail Director for No.1 Currency comments: "The sightseeing city tour bus is a good option for any travellers on limited time - especially good for anyone cramming in a city break this summer.

"However, the huge variations in ticket prices means it’s worth making a note of which attractions you actually want to see before committing to a sightseeing tour. You may find you can easily cover all the main sights over the course of your trip without paying for a tour as well," he adds.

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