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There’s a big world to explore out there, and a lightweight scooter means mobility issues won’t hold you back

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As we age it’s sometimes easy to feel that life gets smaller. What was once a simple day out to the seaside or a new town can seem insurmountable if you’re suffering with mobility challenges, or tire easily. But here at Yours we have always championed the aging process – sure, there are always bumps in the road, but with a few tweaks your later years can be just as joyous and fun-packed as ever.

Getting out and about is crucial for good mental and physical health: you need to soak up that Vitamin D and make connections, and one way to ensure that freedom is by using a lightweight, easily portable mobility scooter.

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What our panel tested

The eFOLDi series of scooters (which have undergone serious testing by our panel of adventurous readers) is one of the world’s most lightweight options, with the Explorer weighing 17kg and the Lite a mere 15kg without batteries. This makes these scooters a great option for maintaining your independence, as they can be easily folded and stored in a car boot with no bother.

The Explorer can be used legally on UK roads, travelling up to eight miles per hour for a 14-mile range, while the Lite reaches four miles per hour for a 10-mile range, and has a low platform to help you get on and off easily, but is not for road use. Our readers tested the Lite model, and here’s how they got on.

‘I’m too young to stay in’ Katherine, 75, Gwynedd

“I have arthritis and bad feet and had been finding it hard to get about. My daughter and I looked at a few mobility scooters but they were quite big and heavy so my daughter couldn’t lift them out of the car. Then we looked at eFOLDi scooters. They fold up to the size of a suitcase and are small enough to lift into a car boot. It also means they’re nice and easy to store too. My eFOLDi scooter really has given me my freedom back. I go to town with my daughter every week. At 75 I’m too young to stay indoors all the time!”

‘I’m planning to take it abroad’ Carol, 77, Essex

efoldi light carol

“I got my eFOLDi Lite last year and it meant I could get out with my daughter. It’s really easy to put together and when it’s folded you can pull it behind you like a trolley. It would fit easily on a plane so we’re hoping to get away somewhere this year, which I wouldn’t be able to do without my scooter. I have arthritis and, while I can walk a bit, I can’t do it continuously, so the eFOLDi has been a big help.”

‘It’s a lifeline’ Margaret, 75, Leicestershire

“I’d been looking for a scooter for quite some time but every one myself and my husband looked at was too heavy and complicated to assemble. Then we looked at the eFOLDi scooters and were delighted to discover that they folded up and out really easily. All you do is pull a knob to unfold it. It was also nice and light so my husband could easily pop it in the car. They don’t take long to charge either. I have been suffering with a bad back and this scooter was an absolute lifeline allowing me to go to hospital appointments and do the shopping.”

‘I can explore new places’ Delphine, 85, Hampshire

efoldi light delphine

“My scooter is marvellous and good value too. I am getting old and can now only really plod around with a stick, so I wanted a way to keep up with my grandchildren. We went away last year to Cornwall and I was able to go down into the bays and coves I wouldn’t have been able to reach before. I even went through the ‘rainforest’ of the Eden Project on it! It copes well with different gradients and folds down a bit like a suitcase to fit onto buses, trains and taxis.”

Yours Recommends

The feedback from our reader panel was so enthusiastic about eFOLDi for ease of use, value for money and abilities, that we are pleased to give these scooters the Yours Recommends seal of approval. eFOLDi offer free, no obligation home demonstrations across the UK and a free brochure, so if you’ve been looking for a way to regain your independence, get out and about or even consider a summer holiday you’d previously considered too ambitious, it might be worth trying one for yourself. With eFOLDi scooters, life is truly about the journey.

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