Who's the nation's ideal celebrity travel companion?

Who's the nation's ideal celebrity travel companion?

Research out from Silversurfers.com has revealed that that Joanna Lumley is the person we'd most like to go on our travels with at 50-plus. The Ab Fab star beat off the likes of Michael Buble and Michael Palin in claiming the top spot.

On finding out the poll results, Joanna said “I'm thrilled and delighted to have been chosen and my next travel programme in China, Mongolia, Siberia and Russia (Joanna Lumley’s Trans Siberian Adventure) is just especially for all those sweet but absent travelling companions who voted for me, and who are in my thoughts wherever I go".

Meanwhile, when it comes to where to jet-set off to, the research says that 34 per cent of us over 50 dream of visiting the BBC's popular drama location for Death in Paradise, filmed in the idyllic Caribbean locale of Guadeloupe. Pleasure playgrounds like Las Vegas and Brazil, on the other hand, sit at the bottom of our dream destination list.

And we're not scared on trekking far from home, with over a quarter of the poll  (26 per cent) of over 50s choosing far-flung Australia as their ideal holiday destination, if money were no object. 

But stay-cations (or holidays at home as we used to call them) aren't entirely forgotten with Sunday night regular Downton Abbey drawing 10 per cent of those polled to Highclere Castle in Newbury, where the series is set. Not all of our top TV shows are sending us hankering after a holiday though, with only one per cent fancying a trip to Weatherfield, the home of Coronation Street.

Our top 10 travel companions:

  1. Joanna Lumley- 35 per cent
  2. Michael Palin- 25 per cent
  3. Michael Buble- 10 per cent
  4. Len Goodman- 8 per cent
  5. Ben Fogle- 6 per cent
  6. = Daniel Craig- 4 per cent
  7. = Bear Grylls -4 per cent
  8. = Judith Chalmers- 4 per cent
  9. Jeremy Clarkson- 3 per cent
  10. Angelina Jolie- 2 per cent

Our top 10 travel destinations (if money were no object):

  1. Australia- 26 per cent
  2. New Zealand-  23 per cent
  3. Hawaii- 12 per cent
  4. Fiji- 9 per cent
  5. Barbados- 8 per cent
  6. =Alaska- 5 per cent
  7. =Antartica- 5 per cent
  8. =Iceland- 4 per cent
  9. =Brazil- 4 per cent
  10. Las Vegas-4 per cent

The top TV programme locations we'd love to visit:

  1. Guadaloupe, Death in Paradise-34 per cent
  2. Dorset, Broadchurch- 29 cent
  3. Highclere Castle, Newbury, Downton Abbey- 10 per cent
  4. The Chilterns, Oxfordshire, Midsomer Murders- 7 per cent
  5. =Lacock Abbey, Wiltshire, Wolf Hall-  5 per cent
  6. =Yorkshire Dales, Emmerdale- 5 per cent
  7. Benidorm, Benidorm- 4 per cent
  8. East End of London, Call the Midwife- 3 per cent
  9. Oxford Street, London, Mr Selfridge- 2 per cent
  10. Weatherfield, Manchester, Coronation Street- 1 per cent

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