Top tips for travelling responsibly

It’s safe to say in recent years we have all become more conscious of our impact on the environment leading to us to make various changes to our lives, from recycling to cutting down on plastic. But have you ever thought about how responsible you are when you’re on holiday?

Although we’re pretty environmentally conscious when we’re at home, it’s easy to forget about these things when we’re relaxing on holiday. However, with an increasing emphasis on how we need to start taking extra care of our earth, perhaps we need to consider how we treat our planet on holiday! If you’re lucky enough to be going on holiday this year, Explore have put together these five tips to keep in mind whilst you’re on your jollies!

Be respectful of the local wildlife


It’s fascinating to see different species of animals that we may not have seen before. It can also be very tempting to get up close see their beauty, but be aware. Firstly, taking photographs of certain animals can scare them and feeding them, even if they do look peckish, could be very harmful to them. Admire them, but from a sensible distance, respecting the local wildlife and surroundings.

Watch your water usage


We’re all aware of the amount of water we use at home – from the washing machine to doing the dishes, apart from the hefty water bill, we are always conscious of the water shortages in some parts of the world. When we’re not aware of how much water we’re using however, it is easy to forget the impact we could be having on the local environment. To combat this, try popping the do not disturb sign on your hotel door so the housekeepers don’t come in to wash the towels. Keep shower lengths to a minimum and ensure taps are turned off as much as possible when brushing your teeth.

Off set carbon emissions

Whilst you might be trying your best to be environmentally friendly when you’ve reached your destination, it’s no surprise the carbon footprint you’ll be leaving behind when you fly on a plane. So to combat this, why not book with an airline who offer off set carbon emissions? That way, you know you are doing your bit to look after the environment whilst still enjoying your holiday in the sun!

Keeping it local


Opting to stay in a small town or village that has all the amenities you need in walking distance will not only provide you with a more traditional experience but also minimise the amount you travel whilst you’re there. It is also important to visit local markets, shops and cafes rather than travel to large supermarkets or shopping centres. This way, you are giving back to the local community and the food will be fresh and delicious!

Learn the local language


If you’re abroad and do choose to stay in a small town or village, it’s probably a good idea to learn some of the language. It’s what we would expect tourists to do so it’s only fair to give it a go! It can be fun to learn a language in the lead up to your holiday, whether you buy a CD or learn over the internet – the locals will be very appreciative you have given it a go, even if you can only say a few words.