Treat yourself to a luxurious spa break in Huddersfield

Treat yourself to a luxurious spa break in Huddersfield

Treating yourself to a weekend spa break is now an affordable indulgence and is becoming more and more popular.

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Product: Titanic Spa, Low Westwood Lane, Linthwaite, Huddersfield HD7 5UN. 01484 843544,
Price: £75.00
Rating: ★★★★★ (5/5)

There are spas popping up all over the country so finding one within driving distance means you can enjoy a weekend break really easily. To put this theory into practice, I visited the Titanic Spa in Huddersfield for a weekend break with my daughter.

Situated on the edge of the Pennines in an old converted Grade II mill, this spa has real character. For a start, there’s the magnificent building. Once a textile mill, it was built in 1911 (the same year as the Titanic) and sits majestically in the surrounding countryside.

 Titanic Spa is the UK’s first ‘eco-spa’ in that they use renewable energy via solar roof panels to convert light directly into electricity, low U-value windows to eliminate draughts, energy efficient lighting and appliances, and their very own natural water source (found 100m below the spa, which was the original water source when the building was working as a textile mill). This water provides drinking water and bathing water for the plunge pool, salt regulated swimming pool, showers and ice experience. Impressive stuff!

The spa entrance, situated at the front of the building, was easily accessible, warm, inviting and smelt heavenly! We were greeted by a team of friendly faces who welcomed us, booked us in, then sat us down with some much-needed refreshments while they took our bags up to our apartment.

After a short wait, we were shown to our apartment on the fifth floor with panoramic views courtesy of huge floor–to-ceiling windows that opened out onto a spacious balcony. It was a bit too cold for sitting out (it was February!) but lovely to stand there and take in the air and the views.  The view is not just countryside – it’s houses and hills and the local area, but it’s fascinating none-the-less.

 We were staying in a split-level Luxury Twin Apartment with a fully-equipped kitchen and lounge, plus bathroom on the first floor and a twin bedroom on the top floor. The kitchen had a fridge-freezer, washing machine, dishwasher, microwave, oven and hob and even a waster disposal unit! As we were only staying overnight, we didn’t really make use of all this, but a continental breakfast was provided for us in the kitchen, which saved going down to a communal area in the morning. We had breakfast on the Sunday morning sitting in  fluffy bathrobes and slippers (supplied by the spa) while watching TV. Very indulgent! 

The lounge area had a TV and DVD player and you can borrow a range of DVDs from reception to watch in your apartment, at no extra cost.

The Spa area itself was wonderfully aromatic, warm, inviting and made us feel totally chilled. We opted for the Titanic Heat & Ice Experience, which is “based on the ritual of bathing where the body is heated and then cooled by a series of experiences. The Heat & Ice Experience area guides your body through a sensory journey with the ultimate aim of inducing deep relaxation.”

On this package you can also use the gym, 15m salt pool, hydrozone, steam and sauna rooms. Each experience has a different effect – temperature, instructions and the recommended time to spend in each experience, are clearly signposted outside each area (plus any health restrictions).

 The Spa area experiences include:

  •  Herbal infusion room – Traditional steam bath coupled with natural herbs and essential oils
  • Saunarium – A timber chamber of steam infusion, mood lighting and background music
  •  Aromatherapy room – Dry heat with aromatic vapours
  •  Crystal Steam Bath – A humid heat with essential oils and salt
  •  Sauna cabin – Dry heat, where aromatic water is dispersed over coals to create warmth and essence
  •  Foot Baths – A gentle, relaxing reflexology massage to soothe and stimulate feet
  •  Ice room – Where you apply crushed ice to your body to counteract the warming effects of the heat experiences
  •  Plunge pool – The best way to cool off (and only for the brave!)
  •  Experience showers – To help cool the body, from soft tropical rain to invigorating ice rain. Complete with bucket shower (again, not for the faint-hearted!)
  •  Rest & relaxation – Comfy beanbags, loungers, peace and quiet, soft lights, soothing music–  and just enough light to read my book!

 Lunch – This was delicious! Enough to feel full but light enough not to feel weighed down, which would affect our participation in the spa experiences. I had clams on a bed of coriander and coconut noodles with a glass of sparkling mineral water, and my daughter had a watermelon salad.

Dinner – This was delicious too and with a good variety of dishes to choose from, but not so many you spend ages deliberating over the menu. My daughter had a chicken breast on a bed of garlic mash and I had the sea bass, which was deliciously tasty.  There’s a different atmosphere in the Bistro to the lunchtime session, probably due to the fact most people had visited the spa/had treatments so everyone felt relaxed and happy, and it made for a very pleasant dining experience.

Aside from the Heat & Ice Experience we enjoyed, there are many additional treatments you can book ranging in price from £15 for a 15-minute Decleor Vital Eyes to a £110 85-minute Carita Instant ‘Non-Surgical’ face lift or a 25-minute mud chamber experience for £35 so there really is something to suit all tastes and budgets. Titanic Spa uses specialist products from the likes of Carita, Decleor, Elemis, and Neom and offer treatments for the face, body and general well-being.

There are special treatments for men, too, from facials to muscle massage to back treatment, so if you’re a couple looking for a weekend break together, this is ideal.

Although we didn’t use the gym (far too energetic after how relaxed we were feeling!) we did use the wonderful salt pool and practically had it all to ourselves. The reclining loungers allowed us to sit back and relax after our exertions and I think I managed to doze off. The pool has a bubbling Jacuzzi  as well as a sauna, but as we had used the one in the spa area, we didn’t indulge.

Lastly we retreated to the Rest & Relaxation Lounge – our favourite! We got comfortable on huge beanbags and settled down to read but after only a few chapters, I dozed off.

When we left the next day, check-out was smooth and hassle-free and I got home feeling a lot more relaxed than I have done in a very long time.

  • Useful info: Titanic Spa,
    Low Westwood Lane,
    HD7 5UN.
    01484 843544

 Available packages

Titanic Heat & Ice Experience
Mon-Sun £75

Titanic Twilight Heat & Ice Experience
Mon-Sun £45

Titanic Spa Day
Day packages from £99-£210

Titanic Spa VIP Suite
From £260

Sunset Evenings
From £25