Kelly Hoppen's top tips to make cash from your spare room

Kelly Hoppen's top tips to make cash from your spare room

Do you have a spare room in your house that you've never really known what to do with?

Well according to research from Cotton USA, Brits are losing out on £16bn a year by not making the most of this spare space. The research showed that a third of Brits who have the luxury of a guest room are using it as a ‘junk room’ while just 4 per cent of those surveyed said they would consider renting their guest room to earn a bit of extra cash.

But typical hosts on home sharing sites such as Airbnb are renting out their spare rooms for an average of £2,822 a year, meaning Brits could be missing out on a trick when it comes to making the most of their spare rooms.

But how do you transform your spare room from the place where you store all your extra bits and bobs to an attractive guest room?

According to the survey, the features that make an appealing room for paying guests are:

  • Fresh cotton sheet-over half (55%) of those surveyed wanted this
  • A proper bed, as opposed to a sofa or pull-out bed (55%)
  • Choocolate on their pillow- 1 in 10 (11%) 
  • Breakfast in bed for guests (12%)
  • Sheets and towels made from natural fibres such as cotton (52%)

Meanwhile, the real turn-offs of a guest room are:

  • Dirty sheets -55% of those surveyed would be put off by this
  • A bedroom which has an unpleasant odour, such as smoke (47%)
  • Social awkwardness, such as not knowing what time to wake up for breakfast (22%)
  • The wrong temperature of the room (21%)

Interior designer, Kelly Hoppen, also has some expert tips for how to spruce up your spare space into something guests will love, to help you earn that little extra cash:

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