Are you planning a September break?

Are you planning a September break?

Of course we all love spending time with our grandchildren, particularly over the summer holidays, but sometimes we feel WE need a holiday to recover. That's the reasoning behind holiday sales figures, which have shown a huge rise in bookings for the over-55s in September - when the little angels are back at school!

Summer - with picnics and park trips - is one of our favourite times, but it can be exhausting, particularly if you're taking over the childcare, or joining the whole family on their holiday. That's why the 'Grey Escape' has appeared - over 55s booking solo breaks come September. The study, by Warner Leisure Hotels, found that grandparents are responsible for a large percentage of childcare, with 48 per cent looking after grandchildren once a week. It's no wonder we need a break!


Do you look after the little ones over the summer?


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