Tiger Day at Shepreth Wildlife Park on August 4th

Tiger Day at Shepreth Wildlife Park on August 4th

Amba, Shepreth Wildlife Park’s resident tiger, celebrates her 16th birthday on August 4 at the annual Tiger Day event.

Tiger Day, which is in its 10th year, has helped to raise both awareness and over £40,000 in funding to help save tigers in the wild, in aid of the tiger conservation charities: 21st Century Tiger and Wildlife Vets international, and is organised by Shepreth Wildlife Conservation Charity.

There'll be plenty of family-friendly events, attractions and guest on the day.

The Park's manager Rebecca Willers says: “We are always overwhelmed with the incredible success this event affords each year, and very grateful to the super people who give up their day to work tirelessly raising funds and keep the fun in motion.

"We are amazed to see the high levels of visitors we receive on Tiger Day, proving that the tigers here are a really popular attraction, and people really do care about their plight in the wild. We hope that Tiger Day 2014 will be just as successful, and we can raise the much needed funds to prevent this beautiful animal becoming extinct in the wild."


For more information, visit www.sheprethwildlifepark.co.uk