Summer holiday books to enjoy in the sun

Here are our recommendations of what to enjoy reading this summer.

woman reading in sun

by Katharine Wootton |

Jetting off aboard this year? Planning a staycation in the UK? Or simply planning to take some time off work to enjoy the great British weather at home? Whatever your plans this summer, hopefully, you'll have plenty of time to relax. One of our favourite ways to take it easy in the summer sunshine is with a selection of holiday books.

That's why we've pulled together our favourite summer books for you to enjoy on holiday. So whether you're enjoying a moment of peace by the pool, catching some rays on the beach or chilling in the garden, lose yourself with a spot of reading with our guide to the best summer holiday books.

How many books should you take on holiday?

The number of books you will want to take on holiday depends on how fast of a reader you are and what you're doing on holiday. If you're a fast reader who is planning on spending their holiday relaxing by the pool, you could find yourself getting through a book a day. However, if you're the type to have a holiday jam-packed with activities, realistically, you're probably going to have time to read one book, maybe two, during your trip.

For those of you heading abroad on your holidays this year, you'll also need to consider the weight allowance for your luggage when factoring in the number of books you will read. Hardback and paperback books are heavier than you think so they could end up causing your hold baggage or hand luggage to be overweight. They also take up a lot of room so think about what else you need to pack with you on holiday before you factor in the number of books you can carry.

Of course, if you have a device such as a kindle, this won't be a problem. You can download as many books as you like ahead of travelling to your destination and even download more if you make your way through all the ones you pre-saved.

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