Tefal Cake Factory review

Tefal Cake Factory review
Product: Tefal Cake Factory, available from  www.tefal.co.uk   Price from £169.99  Rating: ★★★★★ (5/5)

Product: Tefal Cake Factory, available from www.tefal.co.uk

Price from £169.99

Rating: ★★★★★ (5/5)

What they say ….

Unrivalled in its design, performance and superior bake results…. the Tefal Cake Factory helps to overcome baking challenges – from temperamental ovens through to uneven results. No bake is too tricky, as five automatic programmes deliver moreish sharing and individual cakes, light and chewy meringues, indulgent lava cakes and easy chocolate melting. Tefal Cake Factory intelligently sets the temperature and cooking time, with the option to switch to manual mode for bakers looking for more control. Take the guesswork out of baking with the new Tefal Cake Factory, the UK’s first precision cake maker, set to revolutionise home baking for beginners and perfectionists.

What our reviewer says ….

The first thing that came to my mind when we received the Tefal Cake Factory were two things; is it really needed? Also, with a higher end price tag, is it a bit of a pricey ‘fad’ that will soon relegate its way to the back of my cupboard, collecting dust with my juicer (sorry to all you juicers out there!). After baking with it a few times now, I can happily say it is a useful bit of kitchen tech and one I will keep out of my cupboard (not in!) to use. Here’s why….

I have been put off baking for a while mainly because of a temperamental oven and the fact that I could not always guarantee each time I made the same treat, it would turn out the same. The great thing I first appreciated about this baker is that the Smart Bake Technology Tefal have developed meant I didn’t have to wait around to pre-heat it (unlike a conventional oven) and when it was baking, it kept the heat stable, so my cakes and muffins have been cooked perfectly (yes, perfectly) each time! My quiet anxiety has changed to quiet confidence!

The Cake Factory is light, with a handle, so you can easily lift it onto a heat-proof surface. I found the manual easy to understand and with five automatic programmes (one each for cakes, muffins/cupcakes molten/lava cakes, meringues and finally, melting chocolate) and an easy to use digital setting display, it’s quick and easy to start baking. It is also ‘cool to touch’ on the outside which is a good safety feature.

The Cake Factory can only hold specific cake trays and moulds which are available to buy on online but thankfully, 3 out of the 10 available, come complete in the box. Unfortunately, none of the trays are for baking a round cake but I’m hoping that Tefal will eventually develop one for the Cake Factory in the future.

Cake Factory gadgets

Another super facet of the Cake Factory is an app you can download onto your electronic device specifically for it. The app is packed with recipes, tips, guides and themed creations so you can be inspired, create, bake and go! A ‘search’ button on the app allows you to search for specific recipes, so if you need to bake for low-sugar, gluten-free or Vegan friends and family, there are a good range of recipes to choose from. No doubt more receipes will be added in time. The recipe instructions are easy to follow and you can adapt them to help you cook multiple batches of the same recipe.

As the Cake Factory is so precise at baking, I found I could, with confidence, put the timer on and go off for some ‘me’ time with a cuppa, or attend to other bits that needed doing either around the home or garden, until the timer beeps away to let me know baking has finished. The precision, coupled with the timer is great if you have to cook multiple batches. Gone is the need to anxiously keep checking the progress of your baking, as you would do peering into the window of a conventional oven!

Concluding thoughts ….

Niggles aside (I am hoping Tefal might change the colour of the Cake Factory at some point and release more trays and mould shapes) and although a little pricey, the Cake Factory does deliver on everything it says it does. It is built to the usual high standard we have come to expect from Tefal, is easy and fun to use and great for lone or family bakers (the safety features are great for those with children).  Best of all, it takes the stress out of precision baking! The Cake Factory is not a piece of tech to be relegated to the cupboard – it inspires baking, delivers it and will be a useful addition to any kitchen that loves good, home-made baking!

Useful information ….

For more information and stockist details on all products, visit www.tefal.co.uk

Tefal Cake Factory is part of Tefal’s 10 Year Repairability Promise, which starts from the day of purchase and guarantees repair or replacement for small parts for up to 10 years.