Rotaire Dryline review

If you're one of those people who love hanging their washing outside to dry, then this is for you!

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Product: Rotaire Dryline

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Rating: ★★★★★ (5/5)

I almost never use my tumble dryer (and then only in an emergency!) which is why my machine has just had its 20th birthday. I prefer the environmentally-friendly (and cheaper!) method of drying outdoors.

However, hanging washing out on my rotary airer before I go to work in the morning, or if I’m going away for the day, only to have it pour down when I’m out, ranks high on my most-hated list.

Believing there must be some sort of raincover to protect washing in the event of unexpected rain, I came across the Rotaire Dryline rotary airer cover. Simple yet incredibly effective, it protects your washing from rain (and from bird poo, too!) and allows you to hang washing out first thing in the morning safe in the knowledge that at the end of the day, it won’t be wetter than when you first hung it out!

I ordered a Dryline to suit my large airer after measuring it carefully and checking to see if it had a removable central cap (it didn’t). If you need to know which size to order, there are helpful instructions and in-depth guidance on the website so you can make sure you choose the correct one for you.Or you call call them for advice.

I managed to assemble the Dryline very quickly, although it’s much easier with two of you if your airer is quite tall. I tested the Adagio range that fits my four-arm airer. The instructions were very good and very intuitive, which makes all the difference. Also, my airer does not have removable cap on top so the addition of photos within the instructions was even more helpful!

The mesh skirt on the Dryline was surprisingly generous, which means it does an excellent job of protecting your washing from any sideways rain (rain doesn’t always come down vertically). The skirt sides are also weighted, which stops them blowing up in high winds and helps maintain a protective cocoon around your clothes. There are also drawstrings provided at the corners to tighten the cover so it really gives a snug fit and stops the cover riding up.

Now for the test… I hung up a nice load of wet washing, completely filling the airer, in full knowledge that, although there was a stiff breeze and the air was reasonably warm, there was rain forecast at some point during the day.

Sure enough, a few hours after putting it out, the heavens opened. It made me feel a bit nervous but when I ventured outside and ducked under the cover to check, the washing was absolutely fine and already starting to dry nicely. The cover provides an almost greenhouse-like effect, trapping dry (preferably warm) air underneath that can circulate freely, so washing continues to dry while the rain does it worst.

At the end of the day, I folded back the protective skirt and brought my washing in – all of it dry and ready to iron. It was so easy to use and so effective, I was delighted.

Even better, the Dryline can be folded down when not in use so you don’t have to remove it when the sun does decide to show its face. One thing I did find when folding it down is that, inevitably, it is bulky and so investment in a customised cover (available for £4.99) is a wise choice. It’s a good idea to check the tension each time you use it too as, like yourrotary airer, the Dryline does tend to slack off a little with use, but this is easily done with the drawstrings.

If you do any washing in the evening, it’s perfectly feasible to hang it out under the Dryline at night so it’s ready to dry the next day. That is such a bonus – especially if you have to go to work in the morning or are just on a tight schedule.

It’s not advised to leave the Dryline out in very high winds or when it snows as the weight of the snow could damage it, but really that’s just common sense and if you’ve invested in one, you will want to look after it. This size of Dryline cost £63.99 and is worth every penny.

Along with the storage cover, there is also a range of other accessories that can be bought, too, such a ground screw, centrepost extension or even an airer if you don’t actually own one.

It stands to reason that this product will save you money (no more tumble drying!) and is better for the environment but it also gives you that immense satisfaction of drying your washing in the UK, whatever the weather. And the smell of outdoor-aired washing is on a par with fresh bread and spring blossom. It can’t be beaten!

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