Why bulk buying could be a WASTE of your money

Why bulk buying could be a WASTE of your money
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More than three-quarters of shoppers are regular bulk buyers stocking up on toilet paper, washing powder, freezer food, shampoo, pasta, meat - and baked beans, new research reveals.

Buying in bulk is often seen as a money-saving strategy. But nearly one in five of us don’t actually use the items we buy in volume, says website TopCashback. And half of unused bulk buys end up in the bin, costing consumers £430 each year.

Pasta is a favourite bulk buy

Pasta is a favourite bulk buy

False economy

Products bought in bulk most commonly go unused because the items have been forgotten about or have passed their expiration date. Nearly a fifth of consumers have also had to ditch items because they had no storage space, while 13 per cent simply had no use for the product so end up throwing it away.

The research also finds more than a quarter of consumers are shopping blind as they buy items in bulk without checking what is needed or running low at home.
The overbuying also leads to 15 per cent of UK consumers regretting bulk buying and eight per cent feeling they are financially worse off by doing so.
Natasha Rachel Smith at TopCashback.co.uk said: “Consumers are finding themselves in a false economy with a huge amount of goods going in the bin and cash down the drain. Bulk-buying is great for items such as toilet roll and none perishables – if you have the space."

How to save at the supermarket

Top 10 bulk buys in the UK

  1. Toilet paper (91%)
  2. Washing powder (62%)
  3. Toothpaste (41%)
  4. Shampoo and conditioner (40%)
  5. Baked beans (33%)
  6. Soap (32%)
  7. Pasta (30%)
  8. Rice (28%)
  9. Freezer food (27%)
  10. Meat (24%)