Waitrose to cut out disposable cups by autumn

Waitrose to cut out disposable cups by autumn

As supermarkets across the country introduce measures to reduce the amount of plastic waste they produce, Waitrose has announced plans to cut the number of disposable coffee cups by 52 million cups per year. 

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Because of the plastic lining inside the disposable cups, they are unable to be recycled so Waitrose are planning to get rid of these completely by autumn 2018. Instead of offering shoppers disposable cups, Waitrose are offering their loyalty members free tea or coffee from self service machines, as long as they use their own reusable cup. 

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Head of sustainability at Waitrose, Tor Harris, said: "We realise this is a major change, but we ... are confident the majority of customers will support the environmental benefits."


The first nine stores to be affected by these plans are Banbury, Billericay, Ipswich, Newmarket, Norwich, Sudbury, Wymondham, Upminster, east London and Fitzroy Street, Cambridge. The scheme will then be rolled out to the rest of the stores by autumn. 

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