Christmas 2018 subscription gifts

By Hayley Blow

Finding the perfect present for the fussiest of friends and family can seem like an impossible task. A voucher can seem like an easy option, but it’s always more thoughtful to get a gift. Choosing the perfect present may not be as daunting as you think however, with subscription gift bundles being the gift to give this season.

These thoughtful presents mean the recipient will be treated to something every month instead of just one gift on one day. The joy of receiving a parcel through the post every month will bring excitement to your loved one. With so many subscription gifts on the market, it can be hard knowing what to pick, but there’s almost guaranteed to be something for everyone.

GlossyBox, £10 per month, 3-month 6-month and 12-month subscriptions available.


The Glossybox contains 5 beauty products (worth over £50!) delivered to your door every month. Glossybox even gives you the option to create a box full of tailor-made products to suit every individual depending on their age, skin type and lifestyle.

0203 3676091


Makerly Crafts: A subscription service for people who love to make stuff! Starting at £13.33 a month, this mystery box provides the creative recipient with everything they would need to complete their own craft project every month.  



Vintage Boxed: Vibrant colours and groovy prints will certainly be included in this subscription for vintage and retro clothing and accessories. Each parcel comes with 3 items from the 60’s to the 90’s and you can pick your favourite era. £34.99 p/m.


Perfect if you know someone who may be stuck in a rut with the scent they wear. Sniph send a monthly delivery of a different scent every month to allow both men and women to try various different scents until they find one to suit them.

From £9 per month.


Personal Barber: Providing everything needed for a traditional wet shave. The hand-picked products include a double-edged safety razor, blades, brush, shaving cream and more. Different grooming brands feature in each box to give the user different experiences and find their preference. £24.95p/m





Rainyday Letterbox Club, £7.45 per month for 6 months,

Igniting children’s imagination, this box includes a minimum of three activities for the little ones, including arts and crafts, prize charts and reward stickers. There is also a sibling discount of 15% off additional boxes.

01732 252255


Mud and Bloom: Designed to encourage children to get involved with seasonal gardening and nature activities, this box provides them with the opportunity to try grow their own fruit, vegetables and plants as well as learning about insects and seasons. Buy a 3-month subscription for £23.85 or include a sibling for £34.



The Unibox: The perfect gift for students, sometimes being away from home can be a very daunting experience. This box provides students with their favourite home comforts, from motivational content to pamper products and useful stationary. £21.95 p/m



Allotinabox, start growing your ingredients from home. This aptly named box provides everything needed to start growing food. The kit comes complete with seeds, guides and is aimed to be suitable for a complete beginner or an enthusiastic grower. £11.99p/m

E-mail: Tel: 0800 288 8683


Pasta Evangelists: Pasta Evangelists subscription box’s bring craftsmanship and tradition to create some of Italy’s finest dishes. The pasta is created fresh every day and their sauces are prepared with produce from Italy. Boxes include chilled ice packs to ensure the package contents remain fresh if you’re out. They have different packages from vegetarian, gluten free, gourmet and variety with different delivery frequencies available, starting at £13.90 a month.


020 3828 7042.

The Spicery: Packaged to fit through your letterbox, this subscription services delivers the freshest spices along with a range of laminated recipe cards from around the world every month. Many different options available starting from just £5.50 a month.


0117 971 1908


Dogg Treats: From £9.99 p/m. A subscription service that your furry friend will love. Comes with tested toys, treats and goodies with a mega and normal sized box available and customisable package options depending on the size of your four-legged friend.


woof @

PETure Perfect: A subscription service for doting pet owners…. “because pet owners deserve a treat too.” What better way to do that than providing them with surprise gifts featuring their beloved pet? Provide Peture Perfect with a picture of the pet and receive monthly personalised gifts with an image or illustration of your pet. From home décor to stylish stationary. Starting from £13.99 a month


+44 151 932 0156

Other gift ideas

Trace Your Family Tree, Genes Reunited: For anyone looking to learn more about their family history and their ancestors. This subscription enables people to contact other members as well as searching census records, marriage and death certificates, WW1 and WW2 deaths.

From £19.95 a year.

Press: (genes reunited)


A box of happiness: With a positive theme in every box, the box of happiness subscription is delivered monthly for £16.95. It’s designed to be a little self-care package encouraging people to take “me-time” and offer information to lead to a better state of wellbeing.

07463 718 900


The Vegan Kind – Introducing people to the world of vegan products available on the market today. There are a range of different boxes available, from the Lifestyle box at £8 per month which includes 6 or 7 vegan food products, to the Beauty box which focuses on cruelty free skincare, cosmetic and beauty products at £12.75 a month.