A Year with Yours 2020

Yours is continuing the tradition of giving you a whole year of inspiration, information and entertainment for every season!

Every page is jam-packed full of ways to get the most out of your year. Get your family and friends excited with the mouth-watering goodies you can bake up, with our 52 delicious seasonal recipes to try the whole year through. Though be warned, they look so good we doubt they’ll last long!

A Year with Yours 2020 offers a carefully selected guide of destinations to visit so you can enjoy the great British nature to no end! Why not try something new? Whether you like picture-perfect views, rural rambles, town trails or seaside serenity, embrace the outdoors and celebrate the seasons! We have plenty of options to choose from across the whole of the UK.

You could also get your green thumbs tingling with our gardening tips and tricks to make your garden the envy of the neighbourhood. Alternatively, our craft inspirations will bring an artistic flair to your home, keeping it cosy and you busy on those greyer days.

Do you ever find yourself wistfully reminiscing on times gone by? With A Year with Yours 2020, you can share and enjoy fellow readers’ sentimental stories and get a blast from the past with evocative photos and old-fashioned tips and tricks. Relax and unwind with our puzzles, heart-warming memories and a little animal magic!

We truly cherish our readers and with your help, we have made sure A Year with Yours 2020 was written with you in mind. Therefore, Yours is bringing you the ultimate companion to the year - the useful week-to-view diary! With us, you’ll be able to keep on top with whatever the year may throw your way!

Let us help make this year, Yours!

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