The top 10 things we forget the most!

Passwords are the most common pieces of information Brits are forgetting followed by where keys have been placed. Forgetting to pay a bill is another task many forget to complete resulting in late payment costs, according to research by Admiral Multicar.

The study also found men are more likely to forget things than women - with one in five men forgetting important dates including one woman who was left waiting at the airport when her other half forgot to come and pick her up after a trip away! And one in ten men say they have forgotten their partner’s birthday.

Men are more likely to forget things than women

Hectic lives

Longer working hours and busy social lives are to blame for our absent minds.

An Admiral Multicar spokesman said: “With our increasingly hectic lifestyles it’s perhaps not surprising that many of us are starting to forget passwords, deadlines and pin numbers.”

Get organised

Three quarters of organised Brits said they try to use a diary or an event planner in order to remember important dates coming up.

Phone reminders, calendars, and even sticky notes around the house are the other methods  people use to ensure key events aren’t missed. “As long as you don’t forget the important things, it doesn’t matter how you go about it!” said the spokesman.

It also emerged that just under half of us (47 per cent) believed our memory is getting worse as we get older.

What we forget the most

  1. Our password
  2. Where we left our keys
  3. A relative’s birthday
  4. Our PIN
  5. A friend’s birthday
  6. Paying a bill
  7. Where the car's parked
  8. An appointment
  9. To turn off an appliance
  10. Clocks going back or forward