Is Britain’s love affair with tea ending?

Is Britain’s love affair with tea ending?

With National Tea Day on April 21st, tea lovers across the UK will be raising a cup and saucer to celebrate the nation’s favourite beverage.

We spend a staggering £1,475 on tea in a lifetime, more than we spend on other household staples including pasta at £1,387, cooking oils (£954) and jam (£1,015).

Is tea time over?

However a new study by financial planner, Tilney suggests our love affair with tea could be waning, with millennials spending three times less than older generations on tea at just £10.40 a year compared to the over 50s' £31.20 annual spend.

Currently, the average household spends £1,475 on tea over a lifetime, but this figure looks likely to fall if the current trend continues. Tea, traditionally the UK’s preferred hot drink, is already way behind coffee in terms of household spend, with the average family forking out £2,585 on coffee over the course of their lives, and millennials spending £31.20 annually.

A brew and a biscuit

While the UK’s tea addiction may be waning, we still splash a staggering amount on hot drink accompaniments, spending £1,249 on sugar and £7,381 on milk in a lifetime. We also treat ourselves to a hefty £11,520 worth of cakes, buns and biscuits to complement our favourite hot drinks - some 4.2 per cent more than we spend on fresh fruit (£11,034) over a lifetime.