How to find the best airport car parking
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With so many airport parking options to choose from, how can you be sure you're getting the best deal and that your car will be safe while you're away. Use our expert tips!

What are the airport parking options

The three main options are:

  1. Park your own car at one of the on-site airport car parks.
  2. Use a meet & greet.
  3. Use a park & ride service from a third-party company that will park your car at a site away from the airport.

Don’t just plump for the cheapest option

We all love to save money, but simply booking the cheapest parking option might lead to unexpected costs and upset, particularly if you are hit with hidden charges, your car isn’t parked in a secure location or you’re not covered for damage.

Booking with comparison sites

Websites that display lots of different parking options are usually selling a mix of their own parking services plus products from the airport and other companies. Make sure you know which company is actually providing your parking and have clear details of what their service includes.

The Park Mark guarantees your car will be parked securely

The Park Mark guarantees your car will be parked securely

Look for the Park Mark

You want to know that your car will be parked somewhere secure, so one of the easiest ways to check this is to look for the Park Mark logo. This is an award given by police assessors to car parks that have managed to reduce crime, such as being covered by CCTV.

Understand your insurance cover

If you book a suspiciously cheap option or use a service that allows you to park on someone’s private driveway, you might not be covered by their insurance policy if your car is damaged in their care. Booking with a credible company gives you the peace of mind that your car is covered.  

Are there any hidden charges?

Check what’s included with your booking. For example, when you book a hotel and parking package there can be an extra cost for a transfer to the airport. Other charges might include airport access fees, booking fees, credit card costs and amendment fees for changing or cancelling your booking.

Assess your car for damage before you travel

Assess your car for damage before you travel

Assess your car for damage before you travel

By far the biggest source of complaints to airport-parking companies is about damage to cars, yet most cases turn out to be pre-existing dents and scratches that the owner hasn’t spotted before.

To combat this, airport-parking providers will fully photograph your car as you arrive so that they have proof of any existing damage and can settle such complaints quickly.

Taking a few minutes to check your car and document scrapes and bumps that are already there can save you the wasted time and stress of making unwarranted complaints when you return from holiday.  

Plan your travel and transfer times

An park & ride service will normally save you money, and the travel time from the site to the airport is usually no longer than the bus journey from an on-airport long stay car park. To avoid any last-minute airport dashes, check how regularly transfers run and how long the journey will take and then plan for the worse-case scenario.

Look for an IAPA member for peace of mind

Look for an IAPA member for peace of mind

Book with an IAPA member for peace of mind

Mark Hinge, chairman of the Independent Airport Parking Association (IAPA) says that the easiest way to get airport parking peace of mind is to book with a member of the IAPA, as they:

  • Park more than one million cars every year and cover all airports across the UK.
  • Guarantee to park your car in a secure facility that is authorised for airport parking.
  • Carry full insurance cover for your car.
  • Provide courtesy travel within 20 minutes of your arrival at their car park or after clearing customs.
  • Click here for details of all IAPA members

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