Will travel insurance cover cancellation due to illness?

Although it’s extremely likely your holiday will go ahead as planned without any issues and you’ll have a lovely time, taking out travel insurance is always a must, and provides you with peace of mind when planning a trip. One reason you could be forced to cancel your holiday is due to illness, whether that’s an illness you’re suffering from or a family member.

Most travel insurance policies cover cancellation if it’s due to unforeseen circumstances that you can’t help. But do check your individual policy to ensure this is the case. It’s always extremely important to ensure you are 100 per cent honest on your application for insurance and you don’t omit any important information about your health to make the process easier If you are struggling to find suitable insurance don’t worry. There are plenty of insurance companies out there who cater for those with both physical and mental health problems and their policies will suit you.

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Will travel insurance cover cancellation due to my illness?

You are able to make a pre-departure cancellation and be covered for your trip (up to the covered amount) for any pre-paid non-refundable costs such as flights and accommodation as long as the reason for cancelling is covered.  If you fall ill during your trip you should also be covered providing a Doctor has advised you shouldn’t continue with the trip.

 Injury or illness can refer to a range of serious health problems. 

  • Injury or illness – this can be either yours, your travel companions or family members illness or injury depending on your policy. If you’re travelling to a holiday home or B&B and the host of your destination falls ill, non-refundable costs are also covered. In order to be covered the insurance must be purchased before you found out about the illness or injury.

What must I provide for proof of illness?

A Doctor’s note

  • Before the trip – ensure you have your serious health condition verified by a doctor that you are advised not to travel prior to your trip.

  • During the trip – if you get injured or fall ill on holiday, you need a Doctor to confirm you are unable to continue participating in the trip.

Will travel insurance cover cancellation due to a family members illness?

If one of your parents or close relatives is ill when you’re supposed to be travelling, you may not want to go ahead with your planned trip, especially if they could pass away whilst you’re supposed to be on holiday.

When did you purchase the insurance?

If they were in a stable condition when you purchased your travel insurance and were being treated by a doctor you will still be covered for cancelling your trip or having to return home midway through your holiday. If your loved one is in end of life care when you purchase the insurance, you won’t be covered for cancelling or retuning home before the end of your trip. This is because you were aware their condition wasn’t going to improve.

If they sadly pass away whilst you are on holiday or close to your departure date you will be covered for the whole or part of the trip you missed as death is considered a dramatic downturn in health. It’s also worth noting that in-laws are considered parents, so even if your spouse’s parent falls ill, your trip cancellation will also be covered.

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Will travel insurance cover cancellation due to a pet’s illness?

Although not many travel insurance providers cover pet health, a handful do so it’s important to check the small print of your policy. On these particular policies, you are covered for the cancellation of your trip if your pet has to undergo urgent emergency treatment a week before you are due to travel. Usually, this only covers cats and dogs.

Some insurers also cover holiday cancellation if you have become ill because of stress caused by losing your pet or your pet becoming ill. This is classed as illness so would still need a doctors note.

If your pet falls ill whilst you’re away on holiday you should also be covered as long as they have not fallen ill due to an existing condition you already knew about or if there isn’t a risk of your pet passing away.

Will travel insurance cover cancellation due to a mental illness?

 Although mental health issues should be treated the same as physical health problems, they’re often not and it can be hard to find a suitable insurance policy to cover you if you live with a health problem. Like with any policy, ensure you read it fully before purchasing to understand exactly what you’re covered for.

Is your mental illness pre-existing?

If you are suffering from a certain mental health issue such as depression when applying for travel insurance you should state this.

What if I am turned down for travel insurance because of my mental illness?

Many insurers turn down applicants with mental health problems because they are un equipped to cover their needs. This is why it may be a good idea to go with an insurance company who offer dedicated cover for those with pre-existing medical conditions - this can cover both physical and mental health conditions. For this type of specialist cover, Free Spirit, Good to Go, and The Insurance Surgery are often reliable.

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