5 ways to boost your home Wi-Fi speed
home wifi speeds

Do you struggle with a slow internet connection? It may be that your router's in the wrong place. In fact, research by Post Office Telecoms reveals over half of routers are in the wrong location including next to a TV, window or Christmas tree lights.
The study also found that many people are not aware of the simple mistakes they may be making which could be negatively affecting their internet speed.

TVs & windows affect your Wi-Fi signal

For example, did you know that placing your Wi-Fi router by the TV or next to an electrical appliance can lead to significant signal interference? More than a quarter of people surveyed do this, and a further 24% have their router by a window, shared wall or at the top of the house, all of which can lead to notable signal interference.

Christmas tree lights can affect your Wi-Fi

Christmas tree lights can affect your Wi-Fi

Two in five have problem connections

Households are also suffering in silence when it comes to fixing internet connection problems with as many as two in five users, who have had a problem with their connection, admitting they do nothing to try and resolve it. On the other end of the scale, 12% of respondents have even gone as far as buying new devices such as laptops or mobile phones, or getting rid of old ones, in a bid to improve their home broadband speed.

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Meredith Sharples at Post Office Telecoms says: “We are increasingly reliant on the internet for so many aspects of our lives and it’s therefore so important that we can trust in the reliability of our service. However 40% of the public told us they suffer from a slow internet connection, have had their connection drop at random times (38%) and experience a poor Wi-Fi connection in certain rooms (22%). We also learnt that many are not aware of the simple steps they can take to ensure their home is optimized to receive the best broadband connections possible.”

How to boost your Wi-Fi speed

Use these tips to get the best internet connection possible in your home:

  1. Router relocation – make sure your router is kept away from windows, thick walls and electrical devices – even baby monitors, fish tanks and Christmas lights can interfere with your signal!
  2. Master your connection – ensure your router is plugged into your master socket (usually found where the phone line enters the house) and not an extension. This will reduce the chance of your home wiring affecting the internet speed.
  3. Protect your privacy – if you don’t have password protection anyone could use your Wi-Fi and slow your connection down.
  4. Get the latest browser – The latest version of internet browser can also improve your download speed.
  5. Find the speed you need – Understand what speed you need with if you have a big household with members who stream, download and game, especially in the evenings, you may just need higher speed. Use Post Office Telecom’s Speed Quiz to find out what speed you need.