11 thrifty ways to stay cool this summer

Whacking on the air conditioning isn't a luxury that everyone can afford. But luckily there are ways you can penny pinch and keep cool when it's hot and humid!

1. Create your own fan

It can take anything as basic as a sheet of paper or a thick piece of card folded into a hand fan to keep you cool. It’s also a great activity to gets your grandchildren involved with, as they can create and design their own fans whilst you reap the benefits of using them to keep cool. Use these cool cures for holiday ailments.

2. Freeze a bottle of water

Freezing your water bottle gives you the ideal constant stream of ice cold water that’ll keep you cool throughout the day, not to mention it also makes a great icepack.

3. Keep your curtains closed

Plain and simple, the more sunlight you let into your home the hotter it will be. If you’re happy to be a hermit for a day to stay cool, then make sure as little direct sunlight fills your home as possible.

Recycle your winter wardrobe for summer style

Recycle your winter wardrobe for summer style

4. Wear layers

Ever decided to wear a jumper only to find out it’s scorching weather once you’ve left the house?
If so this one’s for you, as wearing multiple thin layers means that throughout the day you can add or take away clothes depending on the changing temperatures, keeping you as cool or warm as you need to be. Use our easy ways to recycle your winter wardrobe for summer style.

5. Take a warm shower

This may sound counter-productive but in truth so is a cold shower, as your body will react to the drastic change in temperature by preserving heat.
Taking a mildly warm shower is the perfect antidote, as this gradually lowers your bodies’ temperature, making you feel cooler for longer. How water efficient are you? Take our quiz!

6. Eat spicy foods

Another crazy sounding suggestion but believe us its true. Eating spicy foods such as hot curries and chillies makes you sweat, which means your body will begin to cool itself quicker. Make this tasty chicken biryani.

7. Freeze your bedding

Placing your sheets and pillow cases in the freezer for a few minutes before going to bed is the perfect antidote to an uncomfortably hot night sleep. Make sure you put it in a plastic bag first though if you don’t want your bedding smelling of food.

Make this delicious beetroot salad

Make this delicious beetroot salad


8. Avoid the oven

Turning on your oven or stove during a sweltering day is asking for trouble, as the last thing you need is more heat in the house. Try preparing foods from the fridge to keep cool, like salads or sandwiches. Make this delicious beetroot rainbow salad.

9. Make ice lollies

Easy, fun and a great way to keep your kids occupied during the summer holidays, creating different flavoured ice pops is a terrific way to provide a quick burst of coolness on a hot day. Try making our two-tone melon ice lollies.

Stay cool with deodrant

Stay cool with deodrant


10. Deodorant on your neck to stop you sweating

Besides keeping your arms cool and free of body odours, a quick spray of deodorant on the back of your neck will prevent your hair from sticking to your neck and keep you cool during high temperature days. Read our 6 surprising uses for deodrant.

11. Create a fan circulation

Fans don’t create cold air, but having a few set up in your home will help to circulate the air in your house. This helps you to feel cooler as you begin to sweat less, so the more fans you can have in your home the better.

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