Dual air fryer Black Friday deals, and our pick of the best 2023

With two drawers to an air fryer, you can cook just about anything.

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An air fryer is a must-have gadget in every kitchen that can cook your favourite fried foods healthily and in just a matter of minutes. The best dual air fryers are ideal if you’ve got many mouths to feed or if you simply like to indulge in lots of cooking. If that’s you then, luckily, we’ve found the best ones that you can buy right now.

As well as these nifty appliances being a healthy cooking alternative that requires very little to no oil, they are also cheaper to use than your conventional oven. With rising energy costs, many people are now predominantly using their air fryers for cooking to keep energy bills low. Plus, it’s not just fried food you can cook in them either, but just about anything — cakes, breakfast, a whole roast chicken — you name it, the air fryer can cook it.

Last chance Black Friday deals on dual air fryers

We interrupt the regularly scheduled content to let you know that although Black Friday is over, there's still time to grab some last-chance Black Friday deals on dual air fryers. Want to grab a bargain? These are the retailers that still have the best deals live, or keep scrolling to continue reading our buyer’s guide.

Shop the best dual air fryer deals: Amazon UK | Currys | John Lewis | AO.com | Ninja Kitchen | Argos | Appliances Direct | Lakeland | The Range | Robert Dyas | Wayfair | Sage

Save £70: Ninja Foodi MAX Dual Zone Air Fryer AF400UK, WAS £249.99, NOW £169.99
37% off: Vortex Plus Dual Drawer 8-in-1 Air Fryer, WAS £199.99, NOW £119
15% off: Tower T17088 Vortx 9L Duo Basket Air Fryer, WAS £139.99, NOW £98.99

As these are larger appliances than your standard one-draw air fryer, the cost is naturally going to be higher. Most dual air fryers will cost you over £100, with some going up to £200. However, if you are on a bit of a tighter budget, we’ve included a couple more affordable options around the £130 mark.

So, if you’re ready to revolutionise your cooking, and do lots of it, then read on to check out our pick of the best dual air fryers.

Best dual air fryers at a glance:

Best overall: Ninja Foodi MAX Dual Zone Air Fryer
Smaller Ninja: Ninja Foodi AF300UK Dual Zone Air Fryer
For size and affordability: Tower T17088 Vortx
Best for smaller kitchens: Salter EK4750BLK Dual Air Fryer

Our pick of the best dual air fryers

Best overall

On sale

Ninja MAX dual air fryer
Price: £169.99 (was £249.99)



We all know Ninja is the king of kitchen appliances and this air fryer with over 14,000 five-star


  • Very powerful
  • Six different cooking functions
  • Very large capacity, can hold four to eight food portions
  • Comes with a useful recipe guide


  • Quite big, so make sure you have space before you buy

Best smaller Ninja

Ninja dual air fryer 7.5l
Price: £219



If you want a Ninja, but don't need one as big as the one above, then this 7.6-litre one could do


  • Smaller and lighter than the Ninja Max, ideal for compact kitchens
  • Six different cooking functions
  • Very powerful


  • Doesn't come with a recipe booklet like the Ninja Max

Most stylish

Instant Vortex Plus Dual Basket 8 in 1
Price: £104
Alternative retailers
Currys£119.00View offer
Robert Dyas£149.99View offer


We love how sleek-looking this dual air fryer is and our Homes Product Writer was highly impressed


  • Widows on the draw so you can check how your food is doing
  • Dishwasher-safe trays
  • Available in stainless steel or black chrome
  • Has Smart Sync Finish


  • Touch screen buttons can leave fingerprint marks

Find out more in our full Vortex Plus Dual Drawer 8-in-1 Air Fryer review.

Best Ninja alternative

Sur La Table Dual Basket Air Fryer
Price: £139.97


If you’re looking for a budget-buy dual air fryer, then this one from Sur La’ Table is a decent


  • Seven different settings, including a ‘keep warm’ function
  • Has Smart Sync Finish


  • Touchscreen buttons can leave fingerprint marks

Editor's Choice

Salter EK4548 Dual Air Fryer
Price: £147.46
Alternative retailers
Currys£105.00View offer


Another brand we can rely on to kit our kitchen out with reliable, quality products is Salter.


  • Has Smart Sync Finish
  • Very large capacity, great for batch cooking


  • Quite big, so make sure you have enough room beforehand
  • Not the most glamorous looking dual air fryer

Find out more in our full Salter EK4548 Dual Air Fryer review.

Best for size and affordability

On sale

Tower T17088 Vortx
Price: £98.99 (was £139.99)
Alternative retailers
Peter Tyson£129.00View offer
Argos£135.00View offer
JD Williams£149.99View offer


If you’re after a large dual air fryer, but need a cheaper alternative to the Ninja, then the


  • 12 pre-set food buttons for easy cooking
  • Smart Sync Finish
  • Almost as big as the Ninja, but cheaper


  • Not the most stylish design

Best for smaller kitchens

Salter EK4750BLK Dual Air
Price: £114.13
Alternative retailers
Argos£110.00View offer
Boots£129.99View offer


Another slightly smaller dual air fryer on our list, but one that is still mighty with an


  • Comes with food cooking chart for inspiration and to get you started
  • Modern design that will suit many kitchen interiors
  • Compact compared to other air fryers, ideal for smaller kitchens


  • No pre-set food buttons like some of the other air fryers


How do you clean a dual air fryer?

Some air fryers are dishwasher safe, so check this before you start giving it a scrub, as it will save you a lot of time. If it is, then pop it in upside down with the tray and basket drawer facing downwards. If it’s not, then just wash the tray and drawer in warm soapy water and use a brush to get off and hard bits. Pop it on the side afterwards to air dry or dry with a towel and then pop the tray and basket back once finished.

What can you cook in one?

You would have heard many people claim to be able to cook just about everything in their air fryer — and it’s pretty accurate. Air fryers were traditionally renowned for cooking foods that you would otherwise deep fat fry, such as fried chicken or chips. While they still are brilliant for cooking these types of foods, there’s plenty more you can cook in them too. Meats, potatoes, vegetables and frozen foods are ideal for cooking in an air fryer, and these air fryers are great for families of four and up.

Some air fryers even come with a ‘bake’ function, so that you can make cakes and brownies; a ‘dehydrate’ option to make healthy snacks, like dried apple, and you can even pop eggs in there too for your brekky. We have a whole host of healthy air fryer recipes that you can give a go.

Bryony Firth-Bernard is a Digital Writer, contributing to Yours. On the weekend she loves whipping up new recipes in the kitchen and spending time with her friends and family.

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