15 of the best coffee subscription services to try in the UK

Make sure you never run low on your favourite coffee with deliveries straight to your door.

Best coffee subscription

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There are so many different kinds of coffee from all around the world to try, which is what makes the best coffee subscription services such a good idea if you can't start your day without a caffeine fix. Not only does a coffee subscription allow you to try a huge range of different coffees, but it also works out much cheaper than buying freshly brewed coffee from your local cafe, making it a great investment for coffee lovers who have a good coffee machine at home.

You can go for your favourite kind of brew, or try smaller bags of coffee grounds, pods or beans before investing in a bigger bag. With a team of coffee experts as part of many services, they'll help you with the buying decision and provide you with handy information, such as the coffee's origin and journey. Delivered weekly, fortnightly or monthly straight to your door, they make for a lovely, regular treat, saving you a trip to the shops.

Best coffee subscriptions at a glance:

Best for simple coffee: Grind Subscription - view on Grind
Best for flexibility: Pact Subscription - view on Pact Coffee
Best for businesses: Rise Subscription - view on Rise Coffee Box

With so many different coffee subscription options to choose from catering to all different tastes, we’ve scoured the market to find the best coffee subscription services you might want to sign up for. These also make brilliant gift ideas for coffee lovers if you’re stuck on what to get someone, and many offer gift packages.

The best coffee subscription services

Best for simple coffee

grind coffee
Price: £9.95+


You’ve probably seen a few Grind coffee shops if you’ve recently taken a trip to London. Thanks to their iconic baby pink branding, they’re pretty easy to spot. Now the popular coffee shop offers a subscription service to their coffee in the form of whole beans, grounds and Nespresso-compatible pods so you can have their coffee delivered to your doorstep. While they don’t offer a huge range of different roasts, they’re great if you know you like the Grind roast and want it delivered on the regular.

One customer review: “Have used Grind for a number of years now. Great coffee pods and feel reassured that they are home-compostable. Dark coffee is lovely and delivery spot on.”


  • A free tin when you subscribe
  • Can pause, cancel, amend at any time
  • Stylish packaging


  • Limited choice of blend

Best for flexibility

Signing up to a subscription can feel like a big financial commitment, so it’s comforting to know you can pause, cancel or skip a month anytime you like with Pact. You can choose from all your favourite kinds of coffee each available in 250g bags or 56 pods per pack, with one bag making around 15 cups to be enjoyed in your favoruite mug or reusable coffee cup when you're on the go.

One customer said: "Pact Coffee is the best. The customer service is excellent, very responsive and friendly and kind at the same time. The coffee quality is the best and always at very competitive prices. After trying a couple of other available options, I decided to stay with Pact, also for our small business office where everyone is delighted with it!"


  • Skip, cancel or pause at anytime
  • Love it or your money back guarantee
  • Ethically sourced


  • Some found the coffee was delivered in excess packaging

Best for businesses 

Whether you want to treat your office pals or you enjoy regular coffee mornings with larger groups of friends, this coffee subscription is great for teams of up to 50 and each cuppa works out at around 36p per cup! Each pack contains speciality coffee as well as the stories behind each blend and tasting notes for you to learn about. 

One customer said: "Such a wonderful concept! I love Rise coffee, since I started ordering their coffee I stopped adding milk to my coffee as the coffee tastes so good the milk just overshadows the taste. They are quick to get back to you and are really friendly :) I definitely recommend if you'd like to get some good quality coffee delivered at your doorstep."


  • Great for larger groups
  • Teaches you about tasting notes
  • Responsibly sourced


  • Not as simple to manage subscription compared to others

Best for toxin-free coffee

Did you know that much of the coffee we consume has been sprayed with pesticides? That’s why Balance are on a mission to make sure their coffee is naturally clean and free of all toxins and pesticides. What the coffee is full of is antioxidants for a health boost in every cup.  

One customer said: "Didn't realise how much better this coffee was until i used a batch from my previous supplier whilst waiting for balance order to arrive. order of magnitude better, tastes cleaner and more "coffee". have now subscribed!"


  • Free of toxins and pesticides
  • Full of antioxidants
  • Also stock mushroom coffee


Best family-run coffee subscription

Not only do we love that Rave is family-run, we also love that it’s one of the more affordable options and on top of that you get 15 per cent off when you sign up! It’s a great one to try if you have a bean-to-cup machine, but they also do pods, coffee bags as well as decaf options. If you’re new to coffee, we’d suggest trying their signature blend first.

Yours writer Lorna White loves Rave Coffee: “We’ve had a subscription to Rave for some time now and we love trying all the new and unique flavours and learning more about the different blends. It’s easy to change the blend each month depending on what we’re wanting to try and Rave are always offering new releases so it never gets boring.”


  • Family run
  • A range of flavours
  • Offer opportunity to learn about coffees


  • You can't repurchase some of the rarer coffees

Best for finding different roasters

Stocking a huge range of British coffee roasters, Beanz is a brilliant option if you’re looking for different UK based roasters to try in your espresso machine. We love that you can choose the different flavours you like as well as the form you need your coffee to arrive in, the roast level and more to really filter down to your ideal coffee. 

One customer said: “beanz.com has completely reinvigorated my passion in coffee, giving me a different bag of beans every two weeks, selected depending on my desired taste. The freshness of the beans is incredible and never fails to give me a great cup of coffee every day.”


  • Stocks a huge range of roasters
  • Free shipping for subscribers
  • Tailored delivery frequency


  • No pods available

Best for speciality coffee 

Initially, Square Mile was solely a wholesale coffee roasters, but now you can subscribe for your own beans to be delivered to your door. These are particularly ideal for coffee connoisseurs who like more exotic roasts and want to try flavours from all around the world. They’re a little more expensive than other beans, but you do have to pay a little more for specialty blends.

One customer said: "Square Mile has the best tasting coffee hands down. I had to stop drinking coffee altogether recently to reduce caffeine and found out they also do decaf! My expectations for decaf were low, but one from Square Mile tastes amazing. Just like any other high quality beans they sell!"


  • Offer a fixed-period subscription
  • Decaf options
  • Speciality coffees available


  • Pods aren't available

Best for luxury coffee

Price: £7.50 per month


For something a little more indulgent, Monmouth is a brilliant subscription option. Sourcing their coffee from farms all around the world to get the best possible seasonal produce, you can learn all about their origin, flavours and the area the coffee beans are grown, which is a lovely touch. As these are a bit more premium, they make a very special gift for coffee lovers.

One customer review: "Monmouth Coffee is undeniably our top pick for coffee. Whether served to guests or enjoyed solo, its exceptional quality always shines through. We used to buy in-store when we lived in London, but since moving, their reliable mail-order service ensures we don't miss out."


  • Great for trying new flavours
  • Great for learning more about coffee
  • Make great gifts


  • Pods not available for subscription

Best for ease of subscription

We love how simple to navigate the Caravan coffee website is and how easy it is to sign up for a coffee subscription. Not only that, but it’s great if you're worried about needing to cancel early too! If you want to have a sample of the Caravan coffee, we’d recommend visiting one of their brewery coffee shops in London for a taste.

One customer said: "Great coffee, great service, and website is easy to navigate. I had to pause my subscription for two rounds and it was no hassle."


  • Flexible subscriptions
  • Easy to manage
  • Large range of coffee


  • Some found the coffee wasn't strong enough

Most ethically sourced coffee

After identifying some of the issues surrounding Fairtrade coffee, North Star made it their mission to improve every stage of the coffee supply chain that works for everyone at every level. The coffee subscription boxes are delivered in a handy letterbox-friendly sized box so you don’t have to worry about answering the door, and you can tailor your delivery to your specific needs. 

One customer said: "You will love these if you love coffee. You feel good as the coffee is organic and it is environmentally friendly. I highly recommend it as I have been buying it for over 2 years, I recommend trying other beans from Brazil and Colombia.


  • Ethically sourced
  • Compostable packaging
  • Unique coffees


  • Hard to navigate website

Best for sustainability 

Horsham coffee are doing all they can to reduce their emissions from their delivery methods to their coffee bags which are made from fully recyclable plastics. They’ll also accept any bags which are sent back to them for recycling. Their coffee ranges from their customer favourite house blends plus some rare and exclusive blends too. 

One customer review: "If only I’d bought a bigger bag. If like me you rotate through several beans each day you’ll recognise the joy of finding a bean that you decide to stick with rather than twist to something different.
Well done again HCR"


  • Provides an origin story for all blends
  • Extensive environmental credentials
  • Support Fair Trade


  • Some didn't like the decaf alternatives

Best for trying new flavours 

Not only is each coffee from Batch taste tested by their in-house experts of coffee drinkers, but they also give you the option to order one of their Coffee Club taster boxes which contain two 200g bags of randomly selected coffee for you to try. Their packaging is fully compostable and you get a free coffee flavour wheel included in your first box to help you learn more about the different flavour notes.

One review said: "Absolutely amazing coffee. Genuinely some of the best I have ever had. Had to wait for the batch to be ready but it was honestly worth it."


  • Great for new flavours
  • Expertly selected
  • Compostable packaging


  • Delivery can take a while

Best affordable coffee subscription

200 degrees
Price: £8.45+


Starting from just £8.45 per bag, 200 Degrees coffee is one of the most affordable options on our list. With four different brews to choose from for their subscriptions, they like to keep things simple. With a mission to help educate everyone about coffee, they also offer a huge range of home brew kits and machines so you can really get the most out of every bean.

One customer review said: "Love 200⁰!! Great taste and happy to get it delivered on the regular with my subscription. No more running out (unless I go overboard with the amount I drink each day 🤪)"


  • Affordable
  • Educates you on your coffee
  • Also offer home brewing kits


  • Deliveries can be delayed

Best for the coffee novice

If you’re just getting into coffee and you’re still working out what kind of coffee hits the spot, then Blue Coffee Box provides an excellent subscription service. Their Taste Guarantee means that if you don’t like the bag of coffee you’ve purchased, they will send you another one out that could be better suited to your tastebuds.

One customer review: "An absolutely terrific company all round! Not only do they supply THE best coffee you could ever want at remarkably good prices, their service is second to none."


  • Offers taste guarantee
  • A huge range of roasters
  • Regular discounts and offers


  • Don't offer pods

Best for zero-waste coffee 

Cartwheel Coffee have covered all bases when it comes to minimising their carbon footprint. From their 100% recyclable coffee bags to the tasting cards which are made from recycled coffee cups, you can drink your coffee with peace of mind. Even the grounds from the roastery go to allotments to be used in compost and all their energy comes from 100% renewable resources! Oh and their coffee is pretty special too, with very rare and award-winning offerings in their range.

One customer said: "Honestly, I've got subscriptions with 4 different Roasters, and Cartwheel coffee is always what I look forward to most—it's always at the top end of delicious and interesting. Beyond the beans, their willingness to share brewing tips and talk about their approach to coffee has helped me massively!”


  • Compost grounds
  • Use energy from renewable resources
  • Cool packaging


  • Limited decaf options

Best coffee subscription FAQs

What do I need to think about before getting a coffee subscription?

Frequency – Keep in mind how much coffee you drink every day and how strong you have your cuppa. If you’re only having 1-2 cups a day you can probably get away with a smaller bag of coffee once per month, but if you and your family get through 6-8 cups a day between you you may require a larger bag every two weeks or less.

Budget – Like any subscription, the cost can seriously add up so you may want to opt for a subscription service which allows you to cancel at any time or pause your subscription whenever you need.

What kind of coffee you prefer – This is the fun part, as tasting all the different roasts each subscription service has to offer is very exciting. They’ll often provide a list of tasting notes, so keep your own personal tastes in mind when reading about each flavour to try and find the best for you. In addition, many now offer coffee quizzes for you to take before you order to help you find the best coffee for you and your tastebuds.

Your grind – How do you make your coffee? Do you have a bean to cup machine? If so, you’ll want to order whole beans. If it’s a cafetière you use at home, then go for the grounds suited to your method. It may just be a simple black filter coffee you enjoy. Also, many now offer coffee pod subscriptions for those with coffee pod machines at home along with coffee bag subscriptions too!

What other hot drink subscriptions are there?

If you don’t love coffee, fear not. There are plenty of other hot drink subscription services you can sign up for. Tea subscription boxes are a brilliant way of trying new blends from around the world that you may not think to buy on your weekly shop.

And while it’s not quite as popular as tea and coffee, there are an increasing number of hot chocolate subscription services popping up for those with a sweet tooth, offering different drinking chocolate flavours.

Which coffee shops do coffee subscriptions?

Old habits die hard, so if you’re a Starbucks lover or can’t go a day without a Costa, then fear not, as high-street coffee shops now offer a range of their beans available to buy in-store as well as at many supermarkets. These come in both whole bean, grounds and pod form and meaning you can enjoy your favourite high-street coffee for a fraction of the price at home.

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