Best gifts for coffee lovers

Get gift ideas percolating for loved ones who know their beans.

Best gifts for coffee lovers

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The best gifts for coffee lovers are all about broadening the range of equipment or discovering a new type of coffee to get excited about. Really, it's addictive. Once you've discovered what an aeropress is there's no going back. And when you can see the benefits of a bean-to-cup coffee machine versus a filter coffee machine then you know the caffeine's truly taken hold. You'll find yourself watching the baristas in your local coffee shop even more closely when they tamp the grounds in the portafilter. And you might even begin to harbour the urge to master latte art yourself.

This is where budding coffee aficionados need the right arsenal to kit out their home coffee bar. If you love them, indulge them. They'll get a buzz out of having several ways to make their favourite drink. Some days, a cafetière to brew a few mugfuls of Columbian speciality grade coffee will hit the spot. On other days, they might want the convenience and indulgence of a cappuccino made in minutes with a compact coffee pod machine.

Best gifts for coffee lovers shortlist:

Best milk frother for coffee: Nespresso Aeroccino3 Milk Frother
Best coffee pods: Grind Compostable Pods
Best coffee grinder: Barista and Co. Core All Grind Coffee Grinder
Best coffee pod machine: Lavazza A Modo, Mio Deséa Espresso Coffee Machine
Best double-walled espresso cups: DLux Espresso Coffee Cups, Set of 4

There's a pleasing 'oooh' to seeing a coffee topped with a creamy crema in a double-walled glass. And no one can deny the essential need to have a caffeine boost on the morning commute. For coffee-holics, why not make the drinkware a reusable, insulated and downright delightful large mug? And for when they're at their desk, a coffee mug warmer is going to keep that americano hot.

Better yet, coffee is not all about indulgence and gratification. It's one industry that has truly embraced a circular economy and prides itself on caring for its community and the environment. You'll find we've included compostable coffee pods and ground coffee that's certified B-Corp and gives back to the community it's farmed in. Big players, like Nespresso, are championing sustainability by partnering with Podback so that their aluminium pods can be recycled. To find out more about how the coffee industry is doing good scroll to the FAQs at the end of this article. For now, take five and enjoy our pick of the best gifts for coffee lovers.

Best gifts for coffee lovers

Best milk frother for coffee

Nespresso is a coffee legend and now you can grab its 'Aeroccinos' - a range of barista frothing devices that usually comes as an add-on with the machine. You can buy them individually to froth hot and cold milk of your choosing with your choice of the coffee machine. Additionally, the Nespresso Aeroccino3 Milk Frother can simply heat your milk through for the perfect latte at the press of a button.

Customer review: "Works well: heated, frothed milk is perfect - the foam is like ice cream. Clever design: the interchangeable spinners (one to froth, one to stir) are easy to switch due the magnetic spigot at the base of the container, and easy to store using the integral storage pod."


  • Nespresso is a coffee brand leader
  • Simple to use
  • Easy to clean
  • It's a standalone accessory, so you don't necessary need a Nespresso coffee machine


  • Another gadget taking up space

Best coffee pods

With advertising on the Tube and growing a chain of coffee cocktail bars, Grind is all over London. Thankfully they're online too with their coffee subscription service, making a lovely gift for coffee lovers. Choose from a range of blends that are colour-coded in appealing pastel hues, and filled with organic Grind coffee. Grind Compostable Pods are available in light, dark, decaf, long blend, Editions India and Editions Ethiopia. Grind claims that these pods will decompose quicker than garden grass cuttings. Subscribe to Grind and receive a refillable tin to store your pods in.

Customer review: "I purchased the blonde and decaf roasts and I’m delighted with both, not to mention how cute the pink tin is! Pods work well, with no issues in my Nespresso machine. The decaf is a nice smooth flavour without being bitter and the blonde roast is delicious. I use one and a half pods to fill my reusable coffee cup to take to work."


  • Eco-friendly ethos
  • Tasty coffee
  • Great customer service
  • Fab branding
  • Competitively priced premium coffee


  • Some customers commented that the pods weren't quite as good as Nespresso - less crema

Best coffee grinder

Discover a fresh passion for an everyday drink with a grinder that's specifically designed to grind coffee. Barista and Co. Core All Grind Coffee Grinder comprises of the main body, grinder unit, portafilter attachment, bean hopper, measuring scoop and cleaning brush. There are different time settings, depending on whether you want coarse or fine-ground coffee. The detailed specification indicates the level of coffee connoisseurship Barista and Co. aim for.

Customer review: "Any worries that the grind would not be fine enough for espresso were put to rest by this. The third setting seems to be the optimal one and the difference in taste is phenomenal. I had a Starbucks' americano last week and it tasted disgusting compared to mine. I have also tested it with my drip filter and aeroPress and, again, it produces phenomenal coffee."


  • Slimline
  • Precise grinding
  • Barista and Co. know their beans


  • Can be messy

Best coffee pod machine

A seamless and sleek coffee pod machine, the Lavazza A Modo, Mio Deséa Espresso Coffee Machine is definitely the cream of the crop. We love that it has no pouring or splashes, so if you want to create a frothy cappuccino or latte you can put the milk in the cup and then add the coffee pod to the machine. All the convenience of a coffee pod machine and milk frother in one. Also, Lavazza produces a range of compostable pods for use in their machines - win win.

Customer review: "I have had a few coffee machines in my time but has been the best all rounder for me because it meets both the expresso and latte needs. The coffee tastes amazing and all the previous machines have made warm coffee but I love mine extra hot and it delivers on this point because it has a button to press for this to happen. I can honestly say this has been the best machine so far and it beats many other brands hands down."


  • Eco Capsules
  • Quiet
  • Wide pod flavour variety


  • Pod doesn't always drop in the container

Best gift for espresso martini fans

For the espresso martini lover this Cold Brew Coffee Liqueur from Conker is the perfect gift - now available in decaf so you can drink it as late as you like. Made from real coffee, it has a full flavour and is more authentic than an artificially flavoured liquer.

Drink neat over ice or mix 70ml of it with 30ml of water, shake with ice and serve, for an instant espresso martini. It's bold, punchy coffee flavour comes from Conker's cold brew process, and the recipe contains Grade 1 forest grown beans, demerara sugar, and distilled British wheat spirit.

The beans are sourced from small independent farmers in Shakisso, Ethiopia and Mococa, Brazil, and Conker roasts them in-house to ensure consistency. Finally the leftover grounds are turned into sustainable fire logs.


  • Super easy espresso martini
  • Rich, authentic taste
  • Decaf version also available


  • Could do with a bigger bottle

Best double-walled espresso cups

DLux Espresso Coffee Cups, Set of 4
Price: $18.97

The visual appeal of seeing rich espresso coffee with a decadent crema makes these DLUX Espresso Coffee Cups the best contemporary drinkware for coffee and make a great gift for coffee lovers. The trend for beautiful coffees, seemingly suspended in glass, is all over luxury coffee brands' reels. You can get the look too, at a very reasonable price for two 90ml cups. The double-walled glass retains heat and keeps the outer wall cool so you can hold the cup without the need for a handle… making for a chic and sleek drinking experience. With a bit of imagination, you can elevate these cups into petite dessert glasses. How about serving lemon posset with a piece of shortbread on the side at your next get-together - beautiful!

Customer review: "Really pleased with my DLux purchase, great quality, lightweight, well insulated and stylish. Highly recommended."


  • Insulated glass retains heat
  • Contemporary chic and sleek style
  • Good value


  • Visible logo on the base

Best coffee mug warmer

GARMEE Electric Coffee Mug Warmer
Price: $25.99

Keep your cuppa perfectly toasty with the GARMEE Electric Coffee Mug Warmer; the perfect solution to those half-drunk coffees that are too good to waste. Simply plug in and keep your cup warm for up to eight hours before automatic shutoff - so you can enjoy your java worry-free. GARMEE's mug warmer is fantastic for cramped and cluttered desk users, taking up very little space during use.

Customer review: "I'm someone who drinks tea and coffee very slowly and was getting a bit fed up with microwaving my drink only for it to get cold again before I got a chance to drink it, so I decided to give this a go. It works better than expected - it's exactly what I needed. I use it all the time, and even six hours later the drink's still hot."


  • Eight-hour warmth
  • Two temperature settings
  • Portable and easy to use


  • Does get very hot

Best reusable coffee cup

This insulated travel mug ensures great heat retention with a double layer of insulation and a leak-proof lid. At a reasonable price and great value, the Cosddi, Insulated Coffee Cup comes in multiple colours to suit any personal taste and is a perfect size (as well as capacity) for those of us on the go. The size makes it a good choice for travelling, and commuting.

Customer review: "Keeps my coffee lovely and hot. Great screw on non-spill lid if you make sure it's clicked shut properly. The outside of the mug doesn't get hot when you are holding it. The clip up part of the lid sits on the opposite side out of the way while drinking from the opening. Easy to clean, no fuss."


  • Leakproof and easy to hold
  • Insulated, double-layer stainless steel
  • Good capacity for all hot drinks


  • Not dishwasher safe

Best ground coffee subscription

It's a club for coffee lovers that delivers speciality coffees and so much more. With an ingenious matching system, Beans Coffee Club guides you to discover new coffees. And you can log your favourites in your very own coffee journal. This subscription service offers a wide variety of speciality coffee from independent roasteries and some exclusive award-winners, too. Roasted to order, the coffee subscription will deliver eco-conscious coffee whenever you'd like in recyclable, letterbox-friendly packaging. Plus, you'll receive behind-the-scenes information about your favourite coffee roasteries, as well as brewing guides and how-to videos. If you love knowing the story behind your beans, this one's for you. Alternatively, you can purchase gift vouchers for a coffee-obsessed loved one. In addition to superb-tasting coffee, there's access to brewing guides, masterclasses and giveaways.

Customer review: "I'm a few weeks into my subscription with Beans, and I have to say I'm so incredibly impressed. The quality of the beans I'm receiving is exceptional."


  • Very fresh with an incredible aroma
  • Delicious taste
  • Small batch
  • Quality, resealable and economical packaging
  • Lots of information about the roastery


  • Couldn't find much information on the coffee beans or farmers

Best traditional cafetière

BODUM Chambord French Press
Price: $24.99

The Chambord is marketed as 'the original French press'. Its design is the same as the classic 1950s, but Bodum has moved with the times and improved the production process to be more environmentally friendly. Bodum is a long-standing Danish brand that produces high-quality drinkware for tea and coffee.

Customer review: "Making coffee using the Bodum every morning has been a wonderful ritual - three scoops of my choice of ground coffee followed by the hot water pour, stir and lid on in the closed position. Four minutes brew time followed by a gentle push of the plunger, a turn of the lid into the open position and then I am done. Smart design that is a joy to use and easy to clean."


  • Classic design
  • Simple to use
  • Easy to clean


  • Customers have commented there are plastic parts

Best coffee filter

Perfect if you prefer a traditional cup of coffee rather than an espresso machine, this new drip-through filter is pretty stylish for a kitchen gadget. It's made of bone china, and works by sitting atop two cups; add your filter paper and grounds, then hot water, and watch as the coffee magic happens. Pretty hypnotic, too - make this part of someone's therapeutic coffee ritual.


  • Can make two cups of coffee
  • Eco-friendly and low-cost way to brew coffee


  • No customer review available with the product

Best gifts for coffee lovers FAQs

How do I choose the best coffee beans?

The best coffee is made from single-origin coffee beans, harvested from one location. Single-origin beans are of superior quality with unique flavours and subtleties. These premium beans grow at high altitudes on small-scale farms and require a lot of attention to cultivate.

Alternatively, there are coffee blends consisting of two or more types of coffee. The coffee beans are selected and blended together for their complementary flavours. Blended coffees are consistent in flavour and make up the majority of coffees found in supermarkets.

Choosing the 'best' also means choosing coffee that is ethically and sustainably grown. Look for coffee that has Fairtrade, Rainforest Alliance and B-Corporation certifications. Nespresso's Positive Cup strategy is an example of how the coffee industry is aiming to reach net zero carbon emissions and support farming communities through their AAA Program.

Which type of coffee machine should I buy?

There are several types of coffee machines, some more labour-intensive than others. Also, consider your budget before deciding whether to buy a coffee pod machine, one that uses ground coffee or a bean-to-cup model.

Bean-to-cup coffee machines

Quite literally, a bean-to-cup coffee machine takes the coffee beans, grinds them, and makes the espresso - all at the touch of a button. Enjoy coffee made fresh every time.

Filter coffee machines

Choose your packet of ground coffee, pop it in, and the machine does the rest. You can buy ready-ground coffee or buy a separate coffee grinder and grind fresh beans yourself. This type of coffee machine is the most time-consuming, as you're prepping a lot more, but it means the coffee can be more individual. Also, they tend to be smaller than bean-to-cup machines.

Coffee pod machines

These take little capsules that are packed with ground coffee. Pop the pod in, and brew a perfect cup of coffee in less than a minute. No messing around with beans or grinds, so these coffee machines are real-time savers and need less tidying up after. One for you if time is precious. However, you're often limited to one type of capsule and it's an expensive way to brew coffee in comparison to other types of coffee machines. Then there's the matter of recyclability of single-use plastics, so they're not the most eco-friendly.

Can coffee pods be eco-friendly?

Coffee pods that are made from plastic may not be recyclable. However, the good news is that aluminium pods are totally recyclable. By using recycling schemes such as Terracycle or Podback, those pods will be remade.

Compostable pods are biodegradable and can be disposed of with other household green waste.

Also, look out for reusable coffee pods such as Bluecup - which may be a faff to fill - but it's definitely the most cost-effective and environmentally-friendly form of coffee pod.

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