The best bean-to-cup coffee machines for a smooth pick-me-up

Get the freshest, aromatic coffee from your very own kitchen.

Bean-to-cup coffee machine

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Calling all coffee lovers: If you are someone who needs delicious fresh coffee to kick-start your morning, nothing beats the best bean-to-cup coffee machine. Whether you need your caffeine fix or consider yourself a coffee connoisseur and love a coffee subscription, we can all agree that no coffee taste beats that of a bean-to-cup brew. The coffee beans are freshly ground, pressed and filtered for a perfectly smooth and aromatic blend and are easy to use, making them our favourite type of coffee machine for the home.

Although they are more expensive than budget coffee machines, you can save money in the long run on your coffee shop favourite and become your own barista at home by adding one of these bean-to-cup coffee machines to your own coffee bar. They'll revolutionise your coffee and take it from bean to cup with the push of a button.

The best bean-to-coffee machine at a glance:

Top pick: De'Longhi Magnifica - view on Amazon UK
Best slimline bean-to-cup coffee machine: De'Longhi Eletta Explore - view on Amazon UK
Most user-friendly bean-to-cup coffee machine: Melitta Purista F230-101 Bean to Cup Coffee Machine - view on Currys

When it comes to picking the best bean-to-cup machine for you, consider your favourite type of coffee. If cappuccinos or lattes are your go-to, opt for one with a milk steam wand built-in for seamless froth. Different coffee types call for adjustable grind settings, so if you're a household that enjoys coffee in all its glory, this will help you achieve a variety of coffee flavours and intensities.

We'd also recommend making sure it can fit on your kitchen countertop. Bean-to-cup coffee machines tend to be larger thecoffee pod machines for example so make sure to consider the dimensions of your new machine. For more information on choosing the best bean-to-cup coffee machine, scroll down to our FAQs section.

The best bean-to-cup coffee machines

Top pick

The best bean-to-cup coffee machines: De'Longhi MagnificaCredit: Amazon

This silver coffee machine is the whole package with an integrated coffee grinder adjustable to seven coarseness levels, an adjustable milk frother and automatic cleaning functions.

Customer review: "I purchased this coffee machine back in January, 2013. Prior to this, I had researched the market extensively to see what was on offer. At first, I couldn't decide between the manual pump variety and bean-to-cup. But I quickly chose bean-to-cup for the convenience. Being able to wake up in the morning, flick on the machine and selecting 'Double Espresso' is absolutely wonderful.

"The machine itself is rather slick. Quite compact, and sits nicely on the kitchen side. It may look daunting at first - all of the buttons, and knobs - but you'll soon learn it's not."


  • Simple to use
  • Cleaning the milk spout is easy 
  • Built-in hard water area filter


  • Takes a little bit of effort setting up

Best slim line bean-to-cup coffee machine

The best bean-to-cup coffee machines: De'Longhi Eletta ExploreCredit: Amazon

The De'Longhi Eletta Expore has LatteCrema technology, which not only sounds fancy but will give you perfectly creamy milk foam and has an automatic milk menu. Enjoy a wide variety of espresso-based drinks at the touch of a button. So, whether you like hot, cold or cool coffee, this machine has got you covered.

Customer review: "I treated myself to the machine because I personally only drink coffee with milk foam. Whether cappuccino or latte macchiato. The milk froth tastes different in every machine.

"It is a real eye-catcher in our kitchen and simply fits in well with its slim design. It is made of an elegant dark grey lacquered material and you can see how high-quality everything is installed. The touch display is in colour and has a soft-touch control."


  • Easy to use functions
  • Space saving design
  • Programmable


  • Some customers would like more specific size information (Instead of small, medium, large and x-large)

Most user friendly bean-to-cup coffee machine

The best bean-to-cup coffee machines: Melitta Purista F230-101 Bean to Cup Coffee MachineCredit: Currys
Price: £249 (was £349)

Personalise your coffee-making experience with the 'Favourite coffee button' on the Melitta Purista machine. It'll remember the strength and amount, giving you the perfect brew each time you ask for it. Sharing with a friend? Select the Double Cup Mode to brew 2 cups at once.

Customer reviews: "Great machine, easy to use, looks stylish and makes great black coffee from your choice of beans, which is easily adjusted to your preferences. I like long black, but when I have visitors it’s quick and easy to change the settings for espresso or americano."


  • User friendly
  • Compact
  • Stylish


  • Needs to be sited close to the sink

Best bean-to-cup coffee with a large water tank

The best bean-to-cup coffee machines: KRUPS Arabica Digital EA817040 Automatic Coffee MachineCredit: Amazon

The Krups bean-to-cup machine boasts a generous 1.7L water tank, which means you can make up to 10 cups of coffee without running out. Perfect for coffee-lovers who don't want to worry about refilling when an emergency caffeine fix is needed!

Customer review: "This is the second machine that I have had! I had my previous Krups machine for around 6 years!! This machine was well used every day and makes the perfect espresso. I have a large Italian family and as you can image, a lot of coffee gets consumed. Defo buy if you are after a durable long lasting machine!"


  • Easy-to-read LCD screen
  • Digital’s customisable settings
  • ‘Favourites’ button lets you store two recipes for instant access
  • Onscreen prompts


  • Some customers found the instructions challenging

Best bean-to-cup beverage selection

The best bean-to-cup coffee machines: De'Longhi Primadonna SoulCredit: Amazon

The De'Longhi Prima Donna bean-to-cup machine is perfect for large families, with 21 beverages available, as well as being able to store your own recipes! Our favourite feature is the automatic milk frother. This appliance also comes with a unique Tea function that will heat water to the optimal brewing temperature.

Customer review: "Everything is automatic, easy, quick to heat up and you basically have a large menu of different coffees (and tea) options to choose from.

"Within each option you can further customise size and aroma so the options to find your perfect drink are there. The quality of the coffee is fantastic (obviously your choice of beans will have a massive influence in that) and the Crema created is excellent.

"The milk froth function is also good and there are 3 levels of froth - hot milk, flat white type froth and cappuccino big froth."


  • Up to 21 beverages
  • Easy pour
  • Reusable filter


  • No warning on beans or water running out

Easiest to clean bean-to-cup coffee machine

The best bean-to-cup coffee machines: De'Longhi Dinamica Bean to Cup Coffee MachineCredit: Currys
Price: £499 (was £919.99)

With the high 19-bar pressure, your coffee will always have a deep and rich aroma with the Dinamica machine. It also has an auto rinse cleaning program, so your device can stay clean and your coffee at its best. The one-touch control panel is easy to use for choosing your functions and is excellent for tired-eyed mornings.

Customer review: "It makes a delicious cup of coffee, I love the self-cleaning milk frother and that it's automatic. So no messing with extra jugs or spouts. It does it all with one touch! It was an expensive piece of kit and I'm so glad I splurged!"


  • Dishwasher safe parts
  • Personalised coffee settings
  • Easy to clean


  • Some customers wished the water tank was a little bit bigger

Most stylish bean-to-cup coffee machine

The best bean-to-cup coffee machines: BREVILLE VCF126 Barista Max Coffee Machine - Stainless SteelCredit: Currys
Price: £299.99 (Was £449.99)

This coffee machine looks 'the real deal' and will make a statement in your kitchen. The integrated grinder has 30 settings, so you've got complete control over each cup you make, and the machine gently pre-infuses the ground coffee for a full, balanced flavour. With a choice of one or two cups, a milk frother and a massive 2.8L tank capacity, this machine has it all!

Customer review: "The crema you get from the coffee is on a par with a professional barista machine, and I know this as my friend owns a coffee shop and is a fully trained barista, the machine brings out the fullest flavour of the coffee too! It heats up and is ready in super fast time, isn't leaky at all, and the steam wand is amazing, makes beautiful thick frothy milk which makes the perfect Italian flat white, cappuccino etc!"


  • The integrated grinder has 30 settings
  • Easy to use
  • Stylish


  • Can scratch easily

Our favourite design

The best bean-to-cup coffee machines: Sage Barista Express Bean-to-Cup Coffee MachineCredit: Currys
Price: £529.95 (was £629.95)

If you want your coffee and fast, this coffee machine from Sage delivers your cuppa, from bean to cup, in less than a minute. You can use beans or pre-ground beans; the 15-grind settings allow you to have your beans as coarse or fine as you like. As well as a milk frother and temperature controls, we like that this machine has a 6-cup warming tray, ensuring a cold cup won't detract from the warmth of your coffee.

Customer review: "Can personalise settings- I’ve got mine at the hottest. User friendly, does what it says on the tin."


  • Big water tank
  • Can personalise settings
  • Suits most kitchens


  • Not suitable for espresso

Quietest bean-to-cup coffee machine

The best bean-to-cup coffee machines: Sage The Barista Pro Coffee MachineCredit: John Lewis
Price: £649.95 (was £729.95)

We love that this Sage model of bean-to-cup coffee machine has been awarded the Quiet Mark, which means it has been made with noise reduction as a priority. The device also has a 2L tank capacity, an easy-to-use interface, a milk frother and a three-second heat-up time for a speedy coffee every time.

Customer review: "I am very pleased with this coffee maker. It is very smart, makes great coffee and is clearly well-made. I love the fact that I have precise control over the coffee bean grind size. I am very happy with this purchase. My only slight issue is that the set-up instructions weren't completely clear, not mentioning that the steam/hot water selector switch needs to be in neutral to activate the initial flush."


  • Three second heat up time
  • Two colour options
  • Two litre water tank


  • The milk frother has no options to increase heat or froth level

Best bean to cup for versatility

We love this Beko CaffeExperto Bean to Cup Coffee Machine, which helps you explore a world of coffee possibilities with 5 pre-set coffee options, including classic Americano, Single or Double Espresso, Ristretto, and Lungo. Each option is expertly crafted to cater to your unique taste preferences. With a built-in milk frother, optimal 19 bar pressure, an integrated cup warmer and more, this coffee appliance is prepared for your mornings.


  • Several coffee options
  • Built-in milk frother
  • Integrated cup warmer


  • A little bit noisy - expected


How do I choose a bean-to-cup coffee machine?

When it comes to choosing a bean-to-cup coffee machine, there is one adjective - creating the most delicious fresh coffee possible. However, there are a few things to consider before parting with your well-earned cash. Here are our key things to look out for:


The perk of modern technology means that most cup-to-bean coffee machines can now be personalised to your preferences. Making it even easier to enjoy your morning cup of joe. Some devices will allow you to store your cup size, aroma preference and strength, so all you need to do is grab your favourite mug, and you are good to go.


Like any kitchen appliance, your coffee machine will need cleaning from time to time. Some machines will come with a free filter, whilst others will not. Finding a device that doesn't need constant cleaning and re-filling will save you time and money. We recommend opting for a machine with an auto-cleaning function because, let's be honest, cleaning a coffee machine is a bit of a faff.

Smart controls and LCD screens:

Smart controls and LCD screens are great for letting you know when you are running low on beans and water or if your machine needs cleaning. The last thing anyone wants is pouring coffee in the morning and the dregs of a watery coffee coming out.

How to clean the infuser of your bean-to-cup coffee machine?

It's essential to regularly clean your bean-to-cup coffee machine to keep it in the best working condition and maintain the quality of your drinks.

You should run a monthly descale cycle according to the specific instructions of each coffee machine manufacturer, using a descaling liquid to shift any limescale residue.

As the market leader for bean-to-cup coffee machines, De'Longhi shares how to clean the infuser in your machine with this quick and easy-to-follow video:

Types of coffee beans to try

If you're looking to expand your coffee palette while reaping all the black coffee benefits, here are some different types of coffee beans to try with their delicious taste profiles:


Arabacia is the most highly produced species of bean as is often considered the most superior in taste. Coming from the plant Coffea Arabica, it tends to have a sweeter, vibrant and smoother taste with floral and fruity notes. It has a lower caffeine content than the other beans but packs the punch when it comes to flavour.


Robusta beans on the other hand has a slightly more bitter taste with a strong, deep flavour, woody and earlthy notes and a high caffeine content. This is definitely the one that'll wake you up in the morning!

For this reason, Robusta is more ideal for instant coffee for the pick-me-up we all need.


Liberica is the rarest species of coffee bean and accounts for just 2 per cent of the world's coffee consumption (Arabacia on the other hand makes up 60-70 per cent).

It comes with a higher price tag due to its rarity but is favoured for the smooth aftertaste and a lingering hue of rich dark chocolate.

The flavour profile is completely unique with a mix of nuttiness, smokiness, floral and spice - you'll have to try it to see what you pick up!

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