Pedal exercisers to keep you moving in your home

They're low impact and perfect to do while working or watching TV.

man using pedal exerciser

by Eleanor Weaver |

Trying to keep fit at home can be tricky, but it couldn’t be easier with a pedal exerciser.

This portable piece of kit is versatile and can be used to move your legs when positioned on the floor or raised on a table to get your arms moving too.

This little machine is affordable compared to other at-home fitness equipment and easy to use. It allows you to multi-task and is perfect for fitting some cardiovascular exercise into your day – use it at your desk while working from home or on the sofa watching your favourite programme on TV.

How effective is a pedal exerciser?

A pedal exerciser is a great tool for keeping fit and maintaining an active lifestyle. The low impact exercise can help reduce the risk of arthritis by keeping your joints healthy, as well as improving your mood with regular exercise.

The pedalling motion can help improve blood circulation and be used gently to help rehabilitate from any injuries.

It can increase strength and muscle tone, with upper and lower body exercises available.

Alternatively, why not try a mini exercise bike?

Key features to look out for

Resistance adjustment: On a standard pedal exerciser, you can adjust the resistance on your workout using friction. However you can also get magnetic resistance too on more expensive machines – the magnetic resistance is quieter and means the bike requires less maintenance but is not recommended if you use a pacemaker.

Pedals: For optimal comfort and stability, look for non-slip pedals with grips to keep your feet in place.

Collapsible design: Most pedal exercisers are compact, but if you’re really low on space or prefer to keep your exercise equipment tucked away, foldable exercisers might be better for you.

Display: You want to have a bike with a clear display to track your exercise performance but what it shows can differ from model to model.

Pedal exerciser workouts

We would recommend using your exerciser for 30 minutes a day. However, if you’re new to exercise, it would be worth starting with a low resistance and slowly build up the time and levels.

Using on a table and hand-cranking the pedals can help strengthen and tone your arms, whilst using on the floor can help your hips, thighs and calves.

If you’re looking for inspiration, follow Coach Kim’s 10-minute workout video and pedal along here...

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