The best mini exercise bikes to stay fit, no matter your fitness level

A mini exercise bike can give you a gentle and joint-friendly workout that you can do while watching TV or reading a book.

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by Kat de Naoum |

Whether you want to get fit, recuperate after an injury, illness or operation, tone some muscles, or keep your blood pressure and cholesterol down, a mini exercise bike can help you achieve your fitness goals.

Small enough to be used under a desk while you’re working, easy enough to use while watching TV, and compact and lightweight enough to store away in a corner or a storage cupboard when not in use, one of these machines can prove to be a fun and a non-invasive way to keep moving, especially after being confined to the house due to isolation and a cold and wet winter.

Are mini exercise bikes any good?

They might not be much to look at, and there’s not much to them in terms of size, but a mini exercise bike is an inexpensive way to get your daily workout in, no matter your circumstances. In addition to working out your legs and glutes, you can also use the pedals with the arms to provide an efficient upper body and core workout too.

If you’re wondering, is a mini exercise bike good for losing weight? The answer is yes! A mini exercise bike workout can help aid weight loss and tone muscle, and also protect and support the bones too. Easier to use, and gentler on the joints than regular bikes, but just as effective — and without the need to face the elements either — a mini exercise bike is definitely a good investment.

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What’s the best mini exercise bike to buy?

There are quite a few of these mini leg exercise bikes on the market and you can be forgiven for not knowing where to start in buying one, so we’ve listed out ten of the best of them below so suit an array of exercise needs, fitness levels, and budgets.

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