Lizzy Dening

Bill’s autumn menu: our verdict

Lizzy Dening

I’ve long been a fan of the restaurant chain Bill’s – I like the way it mixes healthy salads with guilty pleasures, and how easy it is to add nutritious extras (swapping fries for sweet potato chips at no extra cost, or adding a green juice on the side).

Now, in time to embrace the changing season and the clocks going back, they’ve given their menu a spooky Hallowe’en tweak, and I went to check it out.

While the old favourites are all still there, there are enough new items to warrant a return visit. I tried a new vegan recipe -  not something I’d usually go for as I always worry that vegan dishes won’t fill me up. I needn’t have worried! I couldn’t even manage the whole plate of my roasted cauliflower steak – I am desperate to know how they make the vegan ‘gravy’, which has such a rich, satisfying taste. It was paired with roasted tomatoes and fregula (which I confess I hadn’t heard of before, and was a bit like a more chunky cous cous) and felt like a real winter warmer. It might even tempt meat lovers!

My partner (definitely in the meat loving camp) tried the brand-new Hallowe’en burger – a fiery rarebit burger with spicy sausage and a secret sauce. He’s usually a plain old cheese burger guy, but says we’ll be going back to Bill’s before the autumn menu disappears so he can have a second!

Somehow I found pudding space for spiced apple and pumpkin crumble – delicious and counts towards my five-a-day, right? Maybe not, but I didn’t care! I washed it down with an autumn punch made from Pimm’s and sliced apple. If you prefer, there’s also a decadent Kahlua hot chocolate on the new menu – my main disappointment is being too full to try it!


Bill’s Hallowe’en and Bonfire menu runs from now until November 5.