The best cordless vacuum cleaners for pet hair

Keep your floor pet hair free with these powerful vacuums for the job.

Best cordless vacuum cleaners for pet hair

by Eleanor Weaver |

Pets bring us a lot of joy, but they also leave a lot of hair behind too. Human hair can be bad enough but any pet owner knows that the hair of our furry friends can get anywhere and everywhere.

It grips to carpets, tumbleweeds on the hard wood floors, and only seems to reappear as quickly as it’s been cleaned.

The solution? Investing in a vacuum cleaner for pet hair.

These specialist vacuums are designed to tackle the hair and dirt of any mucky pup or shedding tabby to keep your home in check. And with our choice of cordless vacuums, you’re sure to avoid any tangles or trips.

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Things to consider for the best cordless vacuum

Brush attachments for agitation: In order to really shift stubborn hairs, you'll need a vacuum with adequate tools and brushes to pick up hairs on furniture, in crevices and hard to reach spots

Tangle free rollers: To keep your vacuum performing its best, vacuums designed to tackle pet hair are built to reduce hair tangling in the brush roller and stop build-up

Powerful suction: This goes without saying but your vacuum needs to pack a punch in order to whisk away all that hair, along with any other dirt and debris

HEPA filters: Many pet vacuums include HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air) filters to trap the small particles of dust, dirt or pet dander that are usually spewed out of the vacuum and back into the air. Trapping these particles can help with asthma and allergies too which is an added bonus for keeping a healthy and happy home

Lightweight and easy to maneuver: Most cordless vacuums are lightweight which is great for versatility and movement across your home. You'll need to be able to swiftly move the vacuum to wherever your pet's been, which could be everywhere!

Easy to empty: As you may find you have to empty your vacuum more frequently due to the build-up of hair, you'll need the hoover to be easy to empty so this doesn't become a difficult task.

The best cordless vacuums for pet hair

Packed with incredible technologies to make sure you can clean every nook and cranny of your home with ease, Shark's cordless vacuums are great at tackling pet hair and keeping allergens to a minimum.

Shark's Anti-Allergen Complete Seal and HEPA filter captures and traps small particles and pet dander and the filter is washable to maintain suction over time. Lightweight, flexible, and compact with a wand that bends to get those rogue hairs under furniture, it's suitable for all floor types. The brush head comes with Shark's Anti-Hair Wrap Technology to keep your bristle brush-roll tangle-free, great for long or short pet hair, and the vacuum comes with a pet tool for targeting fluff on furniture and upholstery.

Key specification

Capacity: 0.7 litres

Battery runtime: 40 minutes

Converts to handheld? Yes

Attachments included: Crevice nozzle, upholstery nozzle, turbo brush, combination floor nozzle and pet tools

Review: "I love this vacuum, it's made my life so much easier. Extremely lightweight and easy to carry around. Part of it detaches, so you can use it to get into those tricky corners and skirting boards. It's great at getting right underneath furniture and the suction is good. There's a very useful light on the vacuum so you can easily see the dirt. I've used it twice on one full charge and there's still plenty of charge left in the battery. Good at getting up pet hair too. It folds so it takes up very little storage space. Highly recommend!"

One of Dyson's best vacuums and a fantastic choice for pet owners, the V8 Animal Cordless Vacuum Cleaner uses advanced cyclone technology to deliver robust and consistent suction from start to finish and uses Direct Drive technology to deep clean carpets and hard floors.

The 'reach under tool' twists and locks into place for effortless cleaning under the sofa and other furniture and you can easily get rid of your bin collection when finished with just the push of a button. Perfect for allergy or asthma sufferers, the advanced whole-machine filtration captures allergens and expels cleaner air back into the room.

Key specification

Capacity: 0.54 litres

Battery runtime: 40 minutes

Converts to handheld? Yes

Attachments included: Mini pet motorhead, combination tool, crevice tool, mini soft dusting brush, reach under tool, and direct drive cleaner head

Review: "We have had a V7 for years, and decided to treat ourselves to a V8. Whoever starts first now gets the V8. We live in the country and have 2 large dogs, boots, and other pets that bring in lots of dust and sand. Low power on the v8 does it all."

Designed for total and tough cleaning, the Vax ONEPWR brushless motor promises maximise power and efficiency with no loss of suction, even when the easily removable bin is full. It has a lightweight and compact design and a mini motorised pet tool and flexible powered hose included to agitate and lift stubborn dirt and pet hair from upholstery, carpet, and pet beds.

Not only does the twin helix brush bar work at 4200RPM for optimal pick up performance, but it also has antimicrobial protection to prevent bacterial and funghi growth.

Key specification

Capacity: 0.6 litres

Battery runtime: 45 minutes

Converts to handheld? Yes

Attachments included: Flexible powered hose and mini motorised pet tool

Review: "This Vax Pet Blade is excellent. Having three medium sized dogs, you can imagine the amount of hair that is distributed around the home. With the brush-less motor and great suction, it does a great job of cleaning up. Being cordless too, it's so handy to just lift from it's cloakroom storage station when required. It actually works so well, that you need to empty and clean the machine quite often, which is not a complaint. I can see now why it received a 'best buy' award. Highly recommended to anyone considering a purchase. You won't be disappointed."

Agile, compact, and lightweight for gliding under and around furniture, the Hoover HF522UPT H-Free 500 PETS Cordless Stick Vacuum will pick up even the finest of pet hair. The powerful motor, airflow, and nozzle guarantee excellent suction and cleaning with the front LED lights giving you clear visibility of any missed hairs. The standout feature on the Hoover is the Pets Turbo Brush - a powerful motorised tool with rotating bristles to pick up stubborn, embedded cat and dog hair.

We also love that the tool attachments can be stored on the body of the vacuum so you can grab them ready to use in an instant.

Key specification

Capacity: 0.45 litres

Battery runtime: 25 minutes, 40 minutes in auto mode

Converts to handheld? Yes

Attachments included: Pets Turbo Brush, Crevice Tool, and 2in1 Dusting/Upholstery Tool

Rating: 4.1 out of 5 stars from over 2,000 customer reviews on Amazon.

The Miele Triflex HX1 Cat & Dog Cordless Vacuum Cleaner takes a jump up in price, but for the cost, you get some premium features. It has one of the longest battery runtimes of the cordless vacuums on our list, Vortex technology for extreme suction on all floor types, and an extra-wide floorhead for picking up more dirt in one swoop - ideal for larger, hairier homes.

Perfect for pet owners, the Triflex HX1 included an Electro Compact brush to quickly lift hairs from carpets and furniture, and a HEPA filter that traps 99.95 per cent of viruses and germs to keep your home as hygienic as possible. The main roller brush automatically adjusts for floors and carpets, and comes with a bright LED light so no sneaky areas get missed.

Key specification

Capacity: 0.5 litres

Battery runtime: 60 minutes

Converts to handheld? Yes

Attachments included: Upholstery brush, crevice nozzle, Electro Compact brush, and dusting brush

Review: "I have bought this because we have a very fluffy cat that leaves hair everywhere. It is perfect for the task, really helps you keep the pet hair under control, and generally keeps the house cleaner with less effort. It gets more hair out of the carpet than the normal Miele vacuums."

Slim and lightweight with three power settings for exceptional pick up, the AEG QX9 has a self standing design so you can pause and go - super helpful if you need to deal with a pet-related emergency! Delivering a powerful clean on hard floors and carpets for up to 55 minutes, the two-in-one vacuum can be switched between a handheld and floor vacuum with ease.

This vacuum has its own motorised bed nozzle for the efficient pick-up of dog and cat fur and it also comes with an EPA emission filter to reduce particles and dust re-entering the air.

Key specification

Capacity: 0.3 litres

Battery runtime: 55 minutes

Converts to handheld? Yes

Attachments included: Long telescopic crevice tool, motorised bed nozzle, and small brush

Review: "I have used lots of different vacuum cleaners from different brands but I have to say this is one of the best I have ever used. It is very stylish with the grey and hint of rose gold colour, it does not take up a lot of room as the vacuum and charger are very slim. The vacuum took a while to charge initially but having used it for a few days it charges quickly and holds the charge for a good length of time you can easily see when it is fully charged due to the 3 light-up bars on the front. I can easily clean my house on a full charge.

"This is the lightest vacuum cleaner I have ever used which is just what I need to clean my stairs which it does with ease, there is also a light at the front of the cleaner which is great for seeing into all those dark areas in the home. The vacuum separates into a handheld and with the additional attachments is ideal for cleaning your upholstery and the car and picks up all my pet's hair with ease. The filter can be washed also which is another bonus. Overall I would recommend ideal for day-to-day cleaning."

This cordless vacuum cleaner for pets is excellent value for money. It has a battery runtime of up to 78 minutes, fantastic for large homes, and has a large capacity bin to compliment it. The POWERSERIES Extreme Pet has three-speed settings with the low and medium being great for everyday cleaning, and the highest setting for delivering a deeper clean.

The multi-floor head is nice and wide for scooping up large debris and has a powered anti-tangle beater bar to tackle the pet hair without having to detangle it later. Much like the Hoover, the handy attachments clip onto the vacuum for easy access on the move.

Key specification

Capacity: 0.75 litres

Battery runtime: 78 minutes

Converts to handheld? Yes

Attachments included: Crevice tool with flip out brush and low profile pet brush

Review: "Smooth and picks up without any tangling and very powerful. Keeps charged for a very long time. Amazing price. Bought because a friend recommended it as she has a very large house and it does two floors of it without needing charging. I have a dog and the carpet is cleaner than ever."

With Shark's PowerFins technology that's engineered to pick up more hair than a standard bristle brush-roll, the Shark Anti Hair Wrap Cordless Upright Pet Vacuum ICZ300UKT can dig deep into carpets to agitate dirt and deep clean hard floors. Not only that, but it comes with Shark's signature DuoCean floorhead to glide seamlessly between both and Anti-Hair Wrap Technology to prevent the brush roll from getting clogged with pet hair.

Other fab features include LED headlight, a long battery runtime, and a LED Smart Display where you can switch between cleaning power modes.

Key specification

Capacity: 0.6 litres

Battery runtime: 60 minutes

Converts to handheld? Yes

Attachments included: Dusting brush, wide upholstery brush, crevice tool, and Anti-Hair Wrap Pet Tool

Review: "Vacuuming is my new favourite hobby. Seriously, as an owner of two extremely floofy cats, in a house full of carpets, I can’t believe I didn’t buy a Shark sooner."

If you have a pet that's prone to shedding and you want to empty your cordless vacuum as little as possible, the Bosch Serie 6 Athlet has the best capacity on our list at 0.9 litres. Specially designed for homes with pets, this small but might machine has a large aerodynamic brush bar for increased pet hair pick up, a washable filter that'll indicate when it needs to be cleaned, and a six-piece accessory kit for picking up every last hair in your home or car.

It has a powerful hi-spin motor, a good battery runtime, and sensor control for optimal performance on hard floors and carpets.

Key specification

Capacity: 0.9 litres

Battery runtime: 60 minutes

Converts to handheld? Yes

Attachments included: XXL upholstery nozzle, 2 in 1 crevice tool, flexible hose, carry strap, and spare brush bar

Review: "Having dogs, hair can be a big issue. This vacuum is great on hard floors and carpets, doesn't need to be on the max speed to clean really well. The tools take a bit of getting used to but once you have it is very quick to put them on. I love it!"

Last but not least comes the Dyson V15 Detect Animal Vacuum Cleaner. It's another pricey one but is packed with impressive features that we didn't vacuums could do!

This powerful, intelligent vacuum has a piezo sensor that measures the size and number of microscopic dust particles to determine the amount of suction power needed with the clear LCD screen showing what's being sucked up as real-time, scientific proof. It has three power modes that you can select, or let Auto Mode select for you, and the Dyson DLS™ technology inside the High Torque cleaner will adapt for different floor types.

As well as promising no loss of suction, it has a filter to trap 99.99 per cent of particles and allergens and comes with four cleaning tools perfect for everyday cleaning and attacking pet hair build-ups.

Key specification

Capacity: 0.76 litres

Battery runtime: 60 minutes

Converts to handheld? Yes

Attachments included: Torque Drive Cleanerhead (anti-tangle), Combination Tool, Crevice Tool, Hair Screw Tool, and Soft Dusting Brush

Review: "I've been waiting for the release of the latest type in UK for a while. It's a whole different level of experience to actually observe how the vacuum cleaner removes the dust and small particles with the laser head. And the anti-tangle design saves a lot of effort to remove hairs from pets in the house. Dyson's the best!"

Top tips for cleaning up pet hair

• Use lint rollers or tape for collecting loose pet hairs on clothes and fabrics

• Use dryer sheets or rubber gloves on furniture to create a static cling that’ll remove those stubborn hairs

• Use a dampened shower squeegee on your carpet to scrape off those hidden pet hairs

• Cover your sofa in a pet blanket that can go in the washing machine to help protect it from hair and pet smells

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