Dyson V15 Detect review

We put the brand new model from Dyson to the test, complete with its very own dirt-busting laser.

Dyson V15 Detetc

by Emily Gilbert |

We all want to ensure we're giving our homes the deepest clean possible and Dyson's newest launch will help you do just that.

The Dyson V15 Detect at a glance

Meet the Dyson V15 Detect, capable of "detecting, removing, sizing and counting microscopic dust for scientific proof of a deep clean."

Developed by a team of 370 engineers globally, Dyson's most advanced cordless vacuum to date boasts an hour-long battery life, a motor that generates up to 230 air watts of suction plus 5-stage filtration which captures 99.99 per cent of dust particles in your home.

Dyson V15 Detect: key new features

Laster dust detection

Perhaps the biggest sell of the V15 Detect is the laser dust technology on the Fluffy cleaner head, positioned at a 1.5-degree angle, 7.2mm off the ground. This detects those pesky particles usually invisible to the naked eye, to ensure you get every little speck.


Dust sensor

A feature that will interest some more than others, Dyson has integrated what's known as an acoustic piezo sensor into the V15 which essentially tracks how much dust you suck up when cleaning, and then categorises it by size into a bright bar chart which you can view on the in-built LCD screen, delivering "scientific proof of a deep clean". We reckon this is pretty clever following the coronavirus pandemic.

Anti-tangle technology

A challenge many of us face, despite brand promises, is the process of removing both pet and human hair from the brush bar of our vacuums.

To combat this (and make our lives easier), Dyson has developed a separate mini tool called the Hair Screw which has an anti-tangle conical brush bar that easily spirals hair off and into the bin, preventing the wrapping of hair around the brush bar.

Similarly, the High Torque cleaner head has 56 small polycarbonate teeth - basically a built-in comb - which stops hair tangling around the bristles when cleaning.

dyson v15

Dyson V15 Detect review


Weight: 3.1kg

Dimensions: 125cm x 26cm x 25cm

Charge time: 4.5 hours

Capacity: 76ml

Run time: 60 minutes

How did this product make your life easier?

The cordless feature of the V15 Detect is an instant appeal. You can easily navigate around your home without having to drag a plug behind you like some sort of oversized tail and there is no longer a need to conduct scientific calculations in order to work out which plug socket will give you the most reach around your home.

The docking station that comes with the Dyson V15 Detect was easy to fit to the wall of my kitchen and it really makes the vacuum easy to just pick up and go. No more dragging my vacuum from the depths of a deep dark cupboard.

The newest feature of this vacuum is of course the laser that is built into the fluffy head attachment. Prepare for shock and equally satisfaction as the laser illuminates your floor, highlighting all manner of dirt and dust particles that you would not have seen otherwise. With this feature, it is really easy to get full coverage and ensure that not a single spot of dust is missed. It is easy to look at the new laser and consider it a gimmick but it really does make a difference and let’s face it, cleaning your house using lasers is just cool.

Adding to the futuristic sci-fi vibes, Dyson has also added a sensor that monitors how much dirt you are collecting. I have not really found much use in this personally and I prefer the physical results that I see from using the laser but it is a nice feature nonetheless.

dust sensor

I am pleased to see that Dyson has included a variety of attachments for the V15 which offer complete versatility. There are also storage solutions for all but one of these attachments built into the docking station and in the form of a clear plastic clip that snaps onto the long nozzle. The main brush attachments boast an anti-tangle function for hair which I am very pleased to see given my partner sheds more hair than a barbershop!

So far, the V15 anti-tangle heads work brilliantly. There is even a smaller brush attachment which has a cone-shaped head that pushes any hair gathered to one end in a screw-like motion. I cannot wait to use this handheld masterpiece to clean my car which has always been awkward with a traditional vacuum cleaner.

All of the attachments snap on and off of the main unit with ease so you can jump straight from your floor to the stairs with one hand. As for the stairs? Well, no more dragging a heavy base unit up and down as you go. The V15 is light, easy to manoeuvre and makes cleaning the stairs an absolute dream. The battery I have found generally lasts between 45 and 60 minutes which is about enough time to get around our four-bedroom home, depending on how deep a clean I am doing.

The suction on this brilliant machine is enough to take the curtains off their rails and handles larger debris as easily as it does the smaller dust particles. I was also really impressed by how the power of suction auto-adjusts depending on the surface you are cleaning and you also have the option to manually adjust this via the display screen on top of the unit.

Would you recommend this product?

Well, there is no doubt that if you want to buy into the cleaning mastery of Dyson then this is the pinnacle model. It has the range, versatility and power to manage any vacuuming task around your home and the high-tech laser only bolsters your weekly clean. However, it is expensive and If you are looking to purchase a new vacuum and lasers and particle data is not your thing then I would consider how much more you are actually getting for your money.

This is a beautiful machine and a glimpse into the future of cleaning but there are less expensive Dyson models out there which still offer fantastic ingenuity and a high level of cleaning which still surpasses that of other brands. The choice is yours.

Dyson V15

Would you choose this product above all others on the market?

This is the second Dyson that I have owned now and after my first model, I found it difficult to believe that the dull task of vacuuming could be made any easier. How wrong I was! The Dyson V15 Detect Vacuum is yet another magnificent demonstration of Dyson's inherent innovation and commitment to their products and the tasks they are so exquisitely designed to perform.

As far as vacuum cleaners go, this is a nice thing to look at. I have seen vacuums from other brands that are out of proportion and frankly just ugly. Now I know this has no bearing on the actual functionality of the vacuum cleaner but when you are expected to have this product out on display in your home, it certainly increases the appeal.

What changes would you make to this product?

Not a whole lot, to be honest.

The battery takes 4.5 hours to charge which is quite a long time to wait especially if I am doing a deeper clean although the battery is removable from the main unit so you can purchase a second battery from Dyson if you want to extend your overall run time and charge this whilst you use the first battery.

Something that I found with my previous Dyson vacuum was that the dirt container was notoriously awkward to empty. I often had to remove the entire plastic casing to empty it properly and this would result in dust-covered hands. The V15 has a similar container but it has a sliding mechanism that pushes all of the dirt towards the opening of the container.

This has been a bit hit and miss and whilst most of the time it clears all of the dirt into the bin, there have been a few occasions where the dirt has gotten stuck and I have had to reach my hand in and manually remove it so I still think there is more to be done with making the process easier.

But ultimately, there's a lot to love about the Dyson V15 and I wouldn't hesitate to part with the cash to buy it.

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