How to regrow thinning hair

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by Lorna White |

Thinning hair is something that affects most of us as we get older, and while it might be more noticeable in men, it happens to females too.

Hair can be a very personal thing to us women, and it can give us a huge boost in confidence and self esteem. That's why it's very understandable why thinning hair can take an emotional toll on our wellbeing too.

The kind of thinning females experience is very different to the thinning males experience, and women most commonly find that hair thinning effects the hair parting area, to the point where the scalp can become visible at the crown.

Things like your genetics, stress, hormonal imbalance and nutritional problems can all have an impact on your hair, and although you might think that once it's gone it's gone, there are some things you can do to encourage hair regrowth.

While many of these solutions are medicated and can be prescribed by your GP (things like Rogaine, microneedling and laser therapy) natural remedies may also be worth a try.

Massage therapy

Not only is a scalp massage lovely and relaxing, if massaging with a range of stimulating oils, it can promote hair regrowth. Massaging is known to improve blood flow to the scalp and the cells that play a key role in the regrowth cycle.

A daily scalp massage can also help relieve the stress and tension of the day which is an added bonus!

To massage your own scalp, use your fingertips to make small, circular motions applying light to medium pressure across your scalp for a few minutes each day.


There are a number of different oils you can use on your scalp which all have links to hair regrowth. Some of the most popular include:

Coconut oil - some studies have found this can reduce the protein loss from hair.

Rosemary oil - this has been found to stimulate hair growth. Note that it should be mixed with a carrier oil before applying.

Geranium oil - can help boost circulation, hydration and hair regrowth. Again this should be used with a carrier oil.


There are a number of different supplements on the market which claim to help boost hair growth and condition. These are full of vitamins, so can be beneficial if you're concerned about a lack of nutrition from your diet. However, the best way to ensure you consume enough of these vitamins is by eating a balanced diet. Always talk to your GP before taking any supplements such as this.

Medicated help

Regaine for women


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Regaine offer two different kinds of hair regrowth solution made specifically for women with one a little more stronger than the other which are both available to buy over the counter. They work to combat hair loss at the top of the scalp with a daily solution.

Other treatments include microneedling, which involves hundreds of tiny needles on your scalp. There's also hair transplant surgery, which is rather invasive, laser therapy and platelet-rich plasma where your plasma is injected into the areas of your scalp where you're losing hair.

If a more invasive treatment is something you're considering, you should speak with your GP to find the best solution for you.

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