The best hair growth supplements for thicker, healthy hair

If you're pulling your hair out at the idea of thinning and breakage, these hair growth supplements may be the answer for you.

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by Caitlin Casey |

It can be gut-wrenching when hair begins to get thinner and grey hairs start to show. It doesn't have to be so dramatic, though, when there are ways to keep your hair looking great for longer.

In recent years there have been masses of hair growth shampoos, thicker hair tips and now we're looking at the supplements and vitamins for a breath of fresh hair.

You can get supplements in all shapes and forms, including tablets, capsules, gelcaps, powders, and liquids. The trick to this is that all you need to do is add a supplement to your daily routine and you should start to see the strengthening effects not long after.

Sounds easy, right? Don't worry if it sounds too good to be true, we're investigating the best supplements and why they work.

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What do hair supplements do?

It can seem daunting, that this slight change of vitamins and nutrients actually make your hair stronger and thicker, but it's actually very simple. With most supplements, all you do is take a small dose of nutrients and vital substances orally alongside your everyday lifestyle - hence the name, because they're a supplement to your normal diet.

These little pills of supplements include a variety of nutrients to give your body that extra boost needed, especially as you start to get older.

Nowadays, there are supplements for everything - vegan or vegetarian diets, menopausal supplements, extra collagen vitamins, iron supplements and so on. Today, though, we've found the best supplements to get the most out of what is on the top of our heads: hair growth supplements.

What ingredients and vitamins are best for hair growth?

Within each supplement, you will find a list of different ingredients like vitamins, minerals, herbs, amino acids and enzymes, all of which add to your body in different ways.

Lola Biggs portrait, expert comment from Together Health
©Lola Biggs, Together Health

We spoke to TogetherHealth dietician Lola Biggs (pictured above), for her expert opinion on what we should be looking out for in our supplement ingredients for hair growth.

"A supplement with biotin, collagen, peptides, keratin, hyaluronic acid, and nourishing vitamins can all help your hair grow back longer and stronger.

"For example, vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that helps protect against free radical damage that can block the growth and cause your hair to age.

"Good food sources are peppers, citrus fruits, strawberries, and peppers. B vitamin (biotin) is another best-known vitamin for promoting healthy hair growth. You can find this in foods such as whole grains, meat, seafood, and dark, leafy greens.

"Zinc also plays an important role in hair tissue growth and repair and can keep the oil glands around the follicles functioning properly."

Lola recommends the Together Health Beautiful Hair, Skin &Nail Daily, as it has a good blend of natural, vegan-friendly ingredients. Check out our full review of the supplement below.

What is the best hair growth supplement?

Lucky for you, you won't have to look far for the best supplements to assist with hair growth. The following hair growth supplements have been proven to assist in keeping hair strong and combatting those vitamin deficiencies. We'll be breaking it down so you know what you're getting.

The top hair growth supplements for women 2022

Made right here in the UK, these Evo hair growth supplements are made primarily of biotin - also known as vitamin B, which helps to produce red blood cells and deliver oxygen to cells. Enhanced with coconut oil, you get more than a year's supply in this one bottle, and only have to take one per day.

Type: Tablet

Amount: 400 tablets

Directions: Take one a day with food and water

Ingredients: Bulking Agents (Dicalcium Phosphate, Microcrystalline Cellulose), Biotin, Coconut Oil Powder (Maltodextrin), Anti-Caking Agents (Magnesium Stearate, Silicon Dioxide)

Review: "These tiny little miracles are well worth the buy. I shaved my hair off owing to a really bad haircut and can't actually believe my eyes. My hair usually grows really slow because of how thick it is but I'm only a week in and have noticed a significant amount of growth already. It is growing back really soft and glossy and strong and I love that you get a years supply."

Slightly more pricey, these Together Health beauty supplements tackle hair, skin and nails with ten beauty-specific vitamins and minerals. They are plant-based, allergen-free and GMO-free, meaning trustworthy ingredients. In terms of vitamins, these capsules are great for those looking for vitamin C, biotin and zinc.

Type: Capsules (vegetable caps)

Amount: 60 capsules

Directions: Take two daily with or without food

Ingredients: Nutritional yeast providing: Selenium, Zinc, Iodine, Copper, Niacin, Riboflavin and Biotin; Bambusa providing Silica; Corn providing Hyaluronic Acid; Citrus pulp providing Vitamin C; Carrot concentrate providing Beta Carotene; Yellow pea providing Vitamin E². Vegecap (Vegetable cellulose).

Review: “Bought these for my wife and daughter, both are very pleased. After a few weeks of usage, there are clear signs of improvement with nails and hair. Loads of new baby hairs, faster growing and stronger nails.”

Viviscal has been trending online for its successful supplement programme, researched in over seven clinical studies concerned with boosting healthy hair. According to the Viviscal website, over 92 per cent of users noticed thicker-looking hair after six months. This pack of 60 supplements is a good start which will last you a month and if you're looking for something for your man, they also have hair supplements for men.

Also available in packs of 30, 90 and 180.

Type: Tablets

Amount: 60 tablets

Directions: Take two daily, in the morning and evening with water after food

Ingredients: Marine Protein Complex (AminoMar C)(fish/molluscs), Bulking Agents (Microcrystalline Cellulose, Cross-linked Sodium Carbocy Methyl Cellulose), Vitamin C (L-ascorbic acid), Meltodextrin, Common Horsetail (Equisetum arvense L.) Extract, Ferrous Fumarate, Glazing Agents (Hydroxypropyl Methyl Cellulose, Glycerol), Anti-Caking Agents (Silicon Dioxide, Magnesium Salts of Fatty Acids), Zinc Oxide, Niacin (as Nicotinamide [Vitamin B3]), Acerola (Malpighia glabra L.) Fruit Powder, Millet Seed Extract, Silicon Dioxide, Orange Flavouring, Modified Starch, D-Biotin

Review: “I have been taking these tablets (two per day) for the last four months, and without a doubt, they have generated an increase in my hair regrowth. I will continue to take these tablets to maintain my hair growth. The positive effects counterbalance the cost - I am happy to pay the price when something works so well!”

These hair vitamins from Watermans help thinning hair get back to its volume. Not only hair though, but these supplements also tackles flimsy nails so that both your hair and nails can look their best. GrowPro doesn't include any bulking agents and its main ingredient is the infamous hair growth vitamin B - biotin.

Type: Capsules

Amount: 60 capsules

Directions: Take two daily

Ingredients: Biotin 5000mcg, Calcium (Gluconate) 2.23mg, Silica (Dioxide) 30mg, Saw Palmetto (Serenoa repens) Berry 150mg, Iron (Bisglycinate) 18mg, Marine Collagen FISH (Hydrolised) 300mg, Rhodiola rosea Extract (1% Salidroside) 7.5mg, MSM 600mg, Ashwagandha (W. somnifera) Root Extract (1.5% Whithanolide) 100mg, Vitamin D3 25μg - Sunshine vitamin, Bamboo (Bambusa vulgaris) Extract (75% Silica) 100mg

Review: “The tablets definitely made my hair beautiful. Hair changing results are after two months. I've also noticed the improvement of my skin and nails. My eyelashes are thicker and longer. This product has worked miracles for me. Highly recommend!”

Nourished creates stacks of gummy vitamins for all sorts of lifestyle needs, including hair, skin and nails that are in need of a bit of TLC. The Inner Beauty blend is packed with a powerful combination of nutrients for healthy hair growth, including vitamin E, silica and selenium.

Type: Gummies

Amount: 28-day supply

Directions: Consume one per day

Ingredients: Maltitol Syrup, Erythritol, Pectin, Potassium Citrate, Citric Acid, Maltodextrin, Malic Acid, Resveratrol, Silica, Careflow™ Mango Powder, CoQ10, Vitamin E, K2 Vital Delta™, Selenium Yeast, Natural Colours & Natural Flavours from Plants & Fruits.

Review: "LOVE my gummies! I've had Nourished for a while now and they're tasty, always delivered on time and I can already see the differences - my mood is boosted, hair is shinier, nails are stronger and grow quickly. Great idea!"

This high-strength food supplement by FIGHT is primarily Zinc, working as an 'essential trace element' which means the body cannot produce it on its own. Zinc deficiency and hair loss have been linked together strongly, so taking these can help to strengthen those hair follicles. For less than £20, this is a year's worth of these vegan supplements.

Type: Tablets

Amount: 365 tablets

Directions: Take one a day with a glass of water after any meal

Ingredients: Calcium Carbonate, Zinc Citrate, Maltodextrin, Cellulose, Silicon Dioxide, Magnesium Stearate, Stearic Acid

Review: “Zinc supports cognitive functions as well as the immune system. This is the first time I've tried a zinc supplement and I have to say, it's really easy to take. The tablets are tiny, probably one of the smallest supplements I've ever taken. They have no taste in the mouth and slip down very easily. The dose is recommended at one tablet per day and you get a full 365 days’ supply in the tub.”

These hair growth supplements by Botancyl help to promote thicker and stronger hair. Having associated Vitamin D deficiency with hair loss, these supplements stimulate keratin cells to facilitate hair growth as well as healthier nails and skin. They replicate the benefits of natural sunlight throughout the year plus, they are plant-based.

Type: Capsules

Amount: 120

Directions: One a day

Ingredients: Brown Rice Flour, Coconut Oil Powder, Sunflower Oil Powder, Capsule Shell (Vegetable Cellulose), Vitamin D3 (Extracted from Lichen), Rice Fibre, Rice Extract.

Review: "These tablets have completely changed my hair for the better. When I brush my hair I'm not shedding as much and I've noticed an increase in thickness. I love that Vitamin D3 is the core ingredient in the supplements and the fact that I am strengthening my immune system at the same time. My nails also feel so much healthier which is a great bonus."

STARPOWA hair skin nails vegan gummies

hair skin nails supplement

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Best gummies supplement for hair: A powerful, beauty boosting combination that ensures you maintain healthy, strong nails, radiant glowing skin and fuller, thicker hair with the all the beneficial vitamins and minerals you need. With ingredients such as Biotin, Zinc, Folic Acid and Vitamin C all locked into one gummy, this really is the simplest, easiest way to jumpstart your summer beauty glow. What’s more? These are naturally sweeten with a delicious bursting berry flavour!

A conversation with an expert: Dr Simoné Laubscher on hair growth supplements

We spoke to Dr Simoné Laubscher, the formulator of WelleCo’s revolutionary greens supplement The Super Elixir™ and the founder of Rejuv Wellness on her advice for anyone looking to get into hair growth supplements.

How do supplements work in boosting hair growth?

"Research shows that at least one in three women will experience hair loss or reduced hair volume at some point in their lifetime. However, we can all take comfort in the fact that this can be remedied with dietary and lifestyle changes – and sometimes with clinical treatments if needed.

"There are lots of potential triggers for a lack of lustrous locks, and these can generally be either genetic or reactive. Some people may be predisposed to thinning hair, while for others it can be caused by external factors including stress, hormonal imbalance, menopause, low thyroid function and insufficient nutrients such as low iron.

"A good diet can help to address such issues, while supplementation has proven effective in research towards preventing hair loss and preserving hair health, so filling any nutritional gaps with a premium quality multivitamin is essential for sustained healthy, strong and full hair."

What are your top tips for healthy hair growth for mature women?

"Embrace mindfulness to reduce stress, for often we stress about things that we have no control over. Make a list of all the stressful things in your life and categorise them into ‘things I can change’ and ‘things I can’t change’ - get busy with the things you can change and take a deep breath; exhale the things you can’t change and trust that the universe is working for your best interests and all is well.

"Embrace healthy eating habits – more plants and fewer four-legged animals, healthy fruits (mainly with a GI of 50 or less), vegetables to provide good prebiotic fibre, more wild fish and good fats such as avocado, olives, nuts & seeds. This in turn benefits the way that you feel – and also the way that you look.

"Support your diet with powerful multivitamins. Over eight years ago when WelleCo’s founder Elle Macpherson came to see me, she was approaching 50 and her hair was falling out and her skin was very dry. Elle was taking many vitamins but, since they were synthetic, they weren’t helping her at all. I formulated The Super Elixir™ for Elle’s wellness goals; a plant-based, super greens formula that is easy to absorb and is full of hair-loving ingredients, including Silica and Horsetail Extract, as well as Iron, Vitamin C, Vitamin B12, Vitamin D3, Copper, Zinc, Selenium and essential Amino Acids. And it’s super easy to make, just mix two teaspoons into the water each day and you’re done."

WelleCo The Super Elixir

the super elixir by welleco

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Simply shake 10g or 2 teaspoons with filtered water, coconut water, almond milk or blitz into a smoothie for the smoothest consistency. Take it each morning or during the day every day.

Manifesto Hair, Skin and Nail Vitamin Gummies

Manifesto Hair, Skin and Nail Vitamin Gummies

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These adult gummies are free from additives and low in sugar, theyu2019re a delicious cherry flavour and are filled with vitamins A, B, C, and E to boost skin radiance, strengthen your hair and nails and support hormone levels.

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The best hair growth supplements for thicker, healthy hair

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