20 fun crafts to make and sell for some extra cash

Enjoy getting crafty? Why not make some money at the same time.

crafts to make and sell

by Emily Thorpe |

Most of us craft simply because we enjoy doing it and producing something that we’ve made ourselves is a lovely feeling. While you may already share the DIY crafts that you make with friends and family, selling these DIY projects of yours for some extra cash is a great idea, helping you to create a small business across the likes of eBay, Amazon or even your very own Etsy shop.

You may already have a favourite craft that you are particularly good at and like to do often, but there are also plenty of easy craft ideas including beauty and skincare, home decor, and gift ideas that you can soon learn to then sell for profit.

So without further ado, take a look at our easy DIY ideas to sell and get the cash flowing!

Popular crafts to make and sell

Face mask pouch

Face mask pouch

It's likely that face masks will be around for a while yet so how about taking advantage of this booming business and create different designs of face mask pouches?

Bath bombs

Who doesn't love a good long soak in the tub? We find a bath is instantly made better by a bath bomb and there will be plenty who agree, with bath bombs making lovely gifts. They're not as hard to make as you might think, either!

Christmas crackers

eco crackers

It may not be Christmas for a while yet but you can prepare for December by learning how to make some Christmas crackers. Follow our step by step here.

Upcycled furniture

Woman DIY project

If you're a fan of the Repair Shop, give it a go for yourself and give a new lease of life to some furniture which you can help to find a new home while making some cash at the same time.

Chocolate Bouquet

chocolate bouquet

Sure, it might not exactly be craft as such but these tasty bouquets are a cheap and easy DIY gift that people love to buy for all manner of celebrations.

Glasses case

glasses case

For those looking for a safe space to keep their specs safe and sound, a glasses case is perfect. If you're a dab hand with a needle, this is one for you.


There is so much potential when it comes to candles with masses of different designs and scents to choose from. How lovely to think of someone unwinding with one of your candles too!

Beeswax Wraps

Beeswax wrap

We're all looking for ways to be more eco-friendly and this includes investing in products that don't harm the environment. So not only will you be making some extra money with these beeswax wraps, but you'll be helping others help the planet too!

Wooden signs

Wooden signs add a rustic touch to any home and are hugely popular, especially if you're able to personalise them for the buyer. A Cricut machine will also come in handy here too.

Easter eggs

Homemade Easter eggs

Easter is just around the corner and you know what that means - Easter eggs! Not only do they taste delicious but they're not hard to make at home and can be customised however you (or your buyer) pleases. Check out our tutorial.



A popular gift for children, personalised crayons uses very little materials and look wonderful. Take a look at this tutorial.

Baby blankets

If you're good at crochet and enjoy making blankets for new babies, why not offer your services for sale? You could offer a range of colours and designs, depending on how confident you are with your knitting needles.

Homemade soap

homemade soap package

We've never been as diligent about washing our hands as we have since the pandemic and our two totally natural recipes will teach you to easily make soap from the comfort of your own home. Add in some eco-friendly packaging and you've got an amazing product!


chocolate cake

If you’ve got a particular talent for whipping up some tasty cakes, cookies or brownies, why not try selling them? After all, who doesn’t love food. You could have a unique selling point too, such as catering for vegans, diabetics or those with allergies (such as dairy or gluten-free)

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woman applying lip balm

We all loved getting glammed up now and again, but there’s so many chemicals and additives in makeup these days. Why not try making your own but with some natural, locally sourced products instead? Here’s a great tutorial that shows you how to make a natural lip balm in just seven simple steps.


woman painting

Maybe you’ve got a natural flair when it comes to painting or are brilliant at making handmade cards, if so, then you could sell them at art fairs or on an online shop, such as Etsy or Not On The High Street.


The right piece of jewellery can make us feel like a million dollars, not to mention a piece here or there is always lovely to receive as a gift. The tutorial above shows you how to make a pair of dangly earrings. Diamonds are a girl's best friend after all!


Not only is pottery great fun, but it's also extremely rewarding crafting something with your bare hands. There's so many items you can make too, from mugs to teapots, plates, bowls - you name it!

Cushion covers

This is a great market to target because everyone has pillows or cushions in their house and there are lots of people who swap these over for the different seasons too. Making a cushion case is super easy, but to put your own spin on it why not dye the fabric with natural ingredients, like an avocado (which makes pink dye) or you could add personal embroidery or even a print?


woman knitting

With many of us becoming a lot more conscious about the quality of clothing we're buying and fast fashion, your own homemade clothing could go down a storm. Knitting isn't too tricky once you've got the hang of it, just remember to opt for an ethically sourced wool so that you have good USP.

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