How to make a chocolate bouquet

A step-by-step guide on how to make a chocolate bouquet! A perfect homemade gift for any occasion.

chocolate bouquet

by Ellen Kinsey |

Homemade gifts are always special! When somebody has invested their time and energy into making something with you in mind, it truly shows how much they care.

Whether it's Valentine's Day, Christmas or Easter, a chocolate bouquet is great for any occasion, so why not consider making a chocolate flower bouquet for your loved ones, friends or kids?

What do you need to make a chocolate bouquet?

While you can easily buy a ready-made chocolate bouquet, making your own does not need to be expensive. You can up-cycle items from your home, like a clean pasta sauce jar or hatbox. You can search around in shops like Poundland and B&M to get cheap treats or go for more luxury brands like Lindt.

What you’ll need:

Wooden Skewers - with flat ends if possible (You can find them at Sainsbury's)

Hot Glue Gun

Chocolate bars and treats

Bouquet box or jar

Polystyrene or foam

Coloured Tissue Paper

Cello tape

Rubber Bands


Step 1: Choose your Christmas, Easter, Valentines’ chocolate or the person's favourite chocolate or treats

Valentine's day chocolate ideas:

Ferrero Rocher

Lindt chocolate truffles

Love Hearts

Lindor chocolates



Easter chocolate ideas:

Kinder Eggs and Kinder Chocolate (Great for a surprise for children.)

Kinder Bunnies

Ferrero Rocher

Cadbury’s Cream egg

Easter eggs

Mini eggs


Thorntons Easter bunny chocolate

Cadbury chocolate fingers

Lindt chocolate truffles

Mixed Chocolate Bar Variety Bulk Box

Mixed Chocolate Bar Variety Bulk Box

View offer

Keen to buy in bulk rather than individual bars? This bulk box is a brilliant option, containing all the popular chocolate bars in the UK.

Step 2 – Glue the treats to the skewers

Start by placing the chocolate (still in their packets of course) on the wooden skewers. The best way to do this is with a hot glue gun.

Step 3 – Create your bouquet jar or box.

You can buy bouquet boxes or you can get creative and use any type of box for example a cereal box, hat boxes, old teacup boxes, shoe boxes or anything you think would work for your chocolates. You could also use mason jars, washed out pasta sauce jars or a bowl. Anything that will give structure to the skewers.

Step 4 – Place foam at the bottom of jar or box

Cut the foam down so it is the right size for your bouquet box. This will be strong enough to hold your skewers in the right place and keep them standing upright.

This foam would be perfect for the job:

Step 5 – Add your coloured tissue paper or decorations of choice

You can use tissue paper or wrapping paper to surround the bouquet to make it look fuller. Perhaps pick the recipient's favourite colour, or go for red for Valentine's, or yellow for Easter. Get creative with it, you could even use Birthday or Christmas wrapping paper if you're making one for these occasions.

Step 6 – Add the chocolate and treats

Push the skewers into the foam and angle it to create an assortment like flowers.

Step 7 – Wrap in cellophane and tie-up with a bow

To complete your chocolate bouquet and ensure all the treats stay inside, wrap the bouquet in cellophane or florist wrap. Then tie up the top with a ribbon.

This does not need to be limited to Valentines Day or Easter! You can give a chocolate bouquet for any occasion and to suit any theme. You can also get creative with other treats like a chocolate strawberry bouquet or a candy bouquet.

Here is a video on how to make this DIY project!

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