10 easy crafts to do at home for all abilities

The 10 easiest crafts to try at home and the best craft books, craft kits, craft products, and how-to craft videos for all levels of experience.

10 easy crafts to do at home for all abilities

by Kat de Naoum |

Since we’re spending so much time indoors lately, we’ve had a dig around and found some easy crafts to do at home that are suitable for beginners, and even advanced crafters. Personal hobbies are an important part of life — they help keep some level of sanity in these trying times — so crafts that you can do in the comfort of your own home are particularly gaining popularity nowadays. Countless crafters have also managed to turn their hobbies into at-home businesses, and many successful Etsy stores have been opened this way.

What are the easiest crafts to do at home?

If you’ve got the space and privacy for it, almost any craft can be done at home, but we’ve selected 10 of the best crafts that are quiet, make a minimal amount of mess, and can be done even if you only have a studio apartment:

• Calligraphy

• Ceramics

• Painting

• Soapmaking

• Quilting

• Mosaics

• Macramé

• Woodburning

• Decoupage

• Embroidery

Whether you just want some craft guidance in the right direction, or are after a fully comprehensive craft kit to get started on your hobby without having to search around for the right products, scroll down to see our top picks for the best craft books, products, and kits for beginners, intermediate crafters, and pros alike.

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Fancy writing is all the rage (we could watch those calligraphy videos on Facebook all day) and the Ultimate Guide to Modern Calligraphy book will teach you exactly how it’s done. The Faber-Castel set of 12 calligraphy pens is the ideal way to practise the art and, once you’ve mastered it (or are feeling brave), you’ll want to move on to this fancy Develiou calligraphy set with fountain pens and actual ink in pots. Like something straight out of Bridgerton!

Watch: How To: Calligraphy & Hand Lettering for Beginners Video


Ever since Demi Moore’s iconic pottery scene in Ghost, we’ve wanted to (a) have Patrick Swayze’s arms around us, and (b) get our hands on some clay. Practical Pottery is chock-full of ideas and techniques to get started on making your own ceramics, and we’ve found a great oven-bake pottery set for beginners, and some pro sculpting tools if you want to kick your pottery-making up a notch.

Watch: Making Ceramics at Home Video


Painting is one of the most popular — and oldest — hobbies around and with the Exstud paint by numbers set, no talent is actually required; all you have to be able to do is count and hold a paintbrush. If you want to get into painting techniques and how-tos, the How to Paint book is the perfect intro and with the 24-set of quality acrylic paints by Crafts 4 All, you can get cracking immediately.

Watch: Paintings for Beginners Video


Most professional soap-makers began as hobbyists who turned their passion into businesses from home. Besides, who wouldn’t want to have the best-smelling home in the neighbourhood? The Pure Soapmaking book gives you all the in and outs of the craft and the organic soap making kit by House of Crafts has everything you need to start making organic soaps immediately. Once you get the hang of it, you’ll need a good quality soap mould to make more and more, like this adjustable wooden one by RoseFlower.

Watch: Soapmaking for Beginners Video

Patchwork quilting

Since patchwork quilts can be made from any old material, they can prove to be quite a sentimental item or gift (think: baby clothes, wedding dresses, school uniforms, etc.) and are appreciated by young and old alike.

Elizabeth Betts’ quilt guidebook, The Modern Quilt Bible, is the ultimate go-to for all things quilting. With the economical 200-piece floral patchwork squares set, you can practise your patchwork technique, and when you’re ready to start cutting up your own materials, you won’t be able to live without the Feelava patchwork rotary fabric cutter set.

Watch: Quilting for Beginners Video


From mirrors and frames, to vases, plant pots, ornaments, and even furniture, whatever you can think of, you can jazz up with a little mosaic work. It’s therapeutic to do, you can get as creative as you like, and it’s inexpensive, too, once you have the know-how. To see if mosaic crafting is for you, try the House of Crafts mosaic kit. If you want to learn more about it, Bonnie Fitzgerald’s mosaic techniques book has a plethora of information, and with the Creativ Company box of assorted mosaic tiles, you can immediately try out everything you’ve learned.

Watch: Introduction to Mosaics Video


Macramé, or knotting, is one of those crafts that looks incredibly difficult to do but only requires some good cord (like the highly durable Craft County bonnie macramé cord that is preferred by the pros), a few techniques (such as the ones described in detail in Sian Hamilton’s macramé book), something sturdy like a piece of wood to tie the cord to, and your hands. The Jeteven macramé kit is a lovely set for beginners that comes with 100% cotton cord, wooden beads in 10 different patterns, wooden sticks, and wooden rings — perfect for making dreamcatchers.

Watch: Macramé Basics Video


While it might look quite an advanced art form, pyrography (woodburning) is basically just writing on wood with a hot pen, and anyone can have a go. You’ll need a good soldering iron for starters, and the Preciva 45-piece pyrography set is great for beginners. For more in-depth instructions and techniques, Pyrography Basics by Lora Irish is definitely worth a read. Once you feel that this is the craft for you, a professional pyrography machine like the Mingfuxin multifunction kit with its vast capabilities can provide endless woodburning possibilities.

Watch: Pyrography (Woodburning) for Beginners Video


Decoupage is harder to say than it is to do. All you need are paper scraps and glue (like the Mod Podge matte water-based sealer which is loved by paper crafters). That being said, there are countless different things you can do with it, as explained in Fransie Snyman’s book, Decoupage Your Home. If you’re new to paper crafts, scrapbooking is a fun and easy place to start. With more than 60 creative items and almost 1,000 reviews, the KreativeKraft scrapbook accessories kit is Amazon’s choice for the best scrapbook kit for adults.

Watch: How to Decoupage for Beginners Video


No, embroidery isn’t just something your grandma used to do (although it’s that, too); it’s also an incredibly relaxing hobby that only requires a few items in order to start; an embroidery hoop, fabric, thread, and a needle — all of which are included in the Jecanori Store embroidery starter kit. For a step-by-step guide to embroidery, Lucinda Ganderton’s Embroidery Stitches is the number one bestselling book on Amazon on the subject. Advanced embroiderers might like the Edmunds embroidery craft stand which allows you to make much larger and more elaborate embroidery projects.

Watch: Embroidery 101 — How to Embroider for Beginners Video

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