27 of the best teapots to transform your tea-time brew

A great gift for tea-lovers or to upgrade your cherished afternoon tea.


by Eleanor Weaver |

Taking the time to relax and unwind with a cup of tea makes everything better. So, if you want to really indulge in your moment of 'me-time', treat yourself to a lovely new teapot that'll help you re-energise and feel your best.

We've found the best teapots with different material properties to consider for your perfect pot. With regal floral designs made for afternoon tea, Japanese style teapots for an aromatic brew or bright quirky patterns to brighten a wet afternoon, one of these is sure to be your cup of tea.

And of course, don't forget the biscuits!

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The best ceramic teapots 2022

Ceramic is the most popular material for teapots that have been used for tens of thousands of years across the world for tea rituals and is perfect for a traditional British tea. They're really versatile in design so you can choose one to suit the style of your home or buy one that evokes luxury or calm for your teatime retreat.

Ceramic teapots offer medium to high heat retention and they're often lightweight for easy handling with the handle remaining cool to the touch too for safety.

Most of these teapots are easy to clean with the smooth, glazed surface not holding onto any stubborn tea residue with a simple rinse doing the job. However, as a more porous material, a ceramic teapot may be more likely to stain and retain taste over time. Opting for porcelain, also a type of ceramic will help reduce this but may lower the heat retention in your tea.

Porcelain teapots are delicate, refined and whilst still strong, are more prone to chipping so make sure to handle with care!

The best stoneware teapots 2022

Stoneware is also a type of ceramic but made from a particular clay which is fired to higher temperatures. This results in a tougher, more durable teapot with a stone-like quality that makes it ideal for heavy use. It'll also result in a heavier and thicker material than the more delicate porcelain ceramic.

Stoneware teapots are more chip-resistant, are waterproof without the need for glazing and can go in the oven to temperatures of up to 250°C. As a non-porous material, they're easy to clean and stoneware also distributes and retains heat more evenly, perfect for brewing tea.

The best glass teapots 2022

Glass teapots are the most popular choice for brewing loose leaf teas as most come with a built-in infuser. The see-through material gives you an experience you can't have with any other teapot - you can watch the relaxing brewing process and visually monitor the strength of your tea in the pot.

While they don't often variants in pot design like the ceramic teapots, the glass itself provides a simple, modern and sleek appearance that'll blend into any setting. The glass teapots we've found vary in shape for a unique touch.

Glass teapots are well-suited for high temperatures and the smooth, non-porous material will let you brew multiple tea types without fear of any lingering flavours.

The best cast iron teapots 2022

Cast iron teapots first made their appearance in Japan many years ago, and remain a popular choice for modern brewing today. This material provides high insulation and heat retention which can keep your tea hot for the longest time. Due to the even, high heat, these teapots are great for brewing darker teas.

Like ceramic teapots, these traditional style pots resist trapping flavours and made with intricate and decorative designs, they'll look great as part of your teatime set.

These teapots are really durable, so much so that many families in Japan have passed them down through generations.

The best stainless steel teapots 2022

Stainless steel teapots are a hard-wearing alternative to ceramic pots that offer lightweight options for serving drinks at the table. Highly durable and resistant to corrosion, stainless steel provides great heat retention and conduction but with so you have to be mindful of a potentially warm handle.

The contemporary metal appearance has made these teapots quite popular as well as the great functionality with these pots being low maintenance and easy to clean - most of which are dishwasher safe.

The style is less luxurious but if your priority is a hot tea for longer, a stainless steel teapot is the one for you!

Just so you know, whilst we may receive a commission or other compensation from the links on this website, we never allow this to influence product selections - read why you should trust us