The best reading lights for home and away

Be kind to your eyes and read for longer with the ultimate book accessory.

Woman reading in bed with reading light

by Eleanor Weaver |

There’s never a bad time to cosy up with a best-selling book and escape into a new world. It’s great for a bit of TLC, but it can be frustrating when you have to get up to turn on the lights or try to read by the light of your bedside lamp – great for finding your way into bed, not the best for reading!

We’ve also found it can be equally disappointing when you can’t tuck into your favourite book out and about because there is no good lighting available, and it doesn't help that reading in dim light will tire your eyes out much quicker. The solution? We'd recommend buying a reading light to keep your book, and mind, alight.

Why should I use a reading light?

A reading light illuminates a specific area at a close distance, which is great for not only reading but writing, drawing, working on a puzzle, crafting, or doing other detailed tasks. Modern reading lights usually use LED lighting, a type of light and bulb that is economic and helps to reduce eye strain and headaches. Some LED reading lights will even let you change the brightness or colour hue of the light, allowing you to find the light that’s most comfortable for you.

A reading light is not only better for your eyes in the short term, but it also produces the optimal lighting to read by. The brighter light provides better page illumination that is evenly distributed and with adjustable brightness, you can make it suit you.

What kind of reading light should I buy?

There are many types of reading light. Some are small reading lights and extremely portable, which is good for book lovers on the move. These devices are light in weight, and you can often adjust their position to best suit you. Small portable reading lights come in several forms: ones that attach the light to your book or your person and those that clip onto a table or bed headboard.

Other types of reading light include larger tabletop and desk options, which have poseable arms and long LED heads. Mains powered, these lights can emit much more light and illuminate larger areas. Often, these larger models have adjustable brightness and colour settings, giving you greater control over the light you are reading by. The downside of these bigger reading lights is that they tie you into one place - but if you have a favourite reading chair, then this isn’t going to be a problem!

We’ve listed some of our favourite reading lights available to buy today, whatever your requirements.

The best floor reading lamps

If you have a favourite reading spot indoors and would like a reading light to have a more permanent fixture in your home, a reading floor lamp might be best suited for you. It provides the same benefits with direct, evenly distributed light shone from above to the page, just without the added portability. Make a statement with some of these great options.

Make yourself a reading lamp headboard

If you’re an avid reader, especially in bed, you might want to consider making your own reading lamp headboard. A great DIY alternative if you don’t have the space for side tables or have a headboard as part of your bed.

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