Best one-cup kettle for the perfect cuppa

They'll boil the exact amount of water you need, making them a great energy-efficient option.

Best one cup kettle

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If you're on the hunt for an appliance that will help you make the perfect single cup of tea or coffee, having the best one-cup kettle in your kitchen can be a game-changer. They're designed to be sleek and compact, ensuring you boil just enough water to fill your cup. These types of kettles are the best kettles for small households that love a good cuppa but only require water for just a single cup at a time.

As the best one-cup kettles are designed to heat only the amount of water needed for a single serving, they're a great option for an energy-efficient kettle compared to more traditional kettles that heat large quantities of water at a time. Not only that, but these kettles excel in speed. As only a small amount of water is inside, one-cup kettles are able to rapidly boil that water so you'll get your cuppa more quickly than you would with the average kettle. Perfect for those mornings when you need that caffeine hit fast and your tea or coffee in your hand pronto.

Best one-cup kettles at a glance:

Best overall: Breville HotCup Hot Water Dispenser [VKJ142] – view on Amazon UK
Best one-cup kettle for versatility: LAICA Dual Flo Electric Kettle – view on Amazon UK
Best stainless steel one-cup kettle: Breville VKJ367 Brita Filter Hot Cup – view on John Lewis

Along with all the energy-saving and environmentally friendly factors, one of the best things about a one-cup kettle is its compact size. As you'd imagine from a kettle that has the capacity for a cup-load of water, they're fairly small in size. Whether you opt for a stainless steel kettle or a plastic one, it won't take up loads of room on your countertops.

If it sounds like you need one in your life, we've searched the web to bring you all the best one-cup kettles, taking into consideration all the features that make them great, as well as reviews from real-life customers to make sure we're recommending you kettles that come highly rated.

Best one-cup kettles

Best overall

With over 20,000 reviews, the Breville HotCup Hot Water Dispenser [VKJ142] is a popular choice with Amazon customers. It boils water in less than a minute so you'll be drinking your tea, coffee or hot chocolate in no time at all. All you need to do is fill it up from the tap, flip the switch and it'll be ready to go in seconds. The sleek black body, stainless steel trim and illuminated water tank give it a modern look.

Customer review: "Does exactly what it says 1 cup kettle take less time to boil not wasting energy boiling a kettle for 1 cup of coffee also if you put it on and walk away to do something else come back your cuppa is waiting on you no reboiling kettle and pouring just grab and go"


  • Quick boil
  • Removable easy-to-clean drip tray
  • Permanent limescale filter


  • Reviewers have said it is very noisy

Best one-cup kettle for versatility

You'll get the perfect amount of water for your cup every time using the LAICA Dual Flo Electric Kettle as it has a variable dispense volume capacity to give you the option to boil based on the size of the cup you want to fill. It has a dispenser in the side along with a drip tray so if you struggle with lifting a weighty kettle, you can pour yourself a drink hands-free.

Customer review: "Have had a couple of previous dispensers both leading brands - one ok and the other poor. This LAICA is by far the best and easiest to use and also looks good. The ability to use it as a conventional kettle as well as providing one cup of hot water is great and the most important thing is that the water is acceptably hot, not like others I have used previously. Would definitely recommend."


  • Quick and efficient boil
  • Lightweight design
  • Hands-free water dispenser


  • Water occasionally weeps from the lid when filled

Best stainless steel one-cup kettle

Speedy, slick and simple, with just the touch of a button, the Breville VKJ367 Brita Filter Hot Cup can deliver you boiling water in just 40 seconds. It's the second option from Breville on our list, but this one stands out because it uses Brita Filter technology to remove impurities from your water as it's boiling, to improve the overall taste, smell and appearance of your beverage.

Customer review: "The Breville Brita Hotcup water dispenser is beyond perfect. Gone are the days of waiting for a kettle. Boiled water straight to your cup in about 40 seconds first and every time. Energy efficient and time saving. Looks stylish on the worktop and is very easy to operate. User friendly for all ages."


  • Brita filter technology
  • Choose from nine different cup sizes to fill
  • Manual stop button


  • Some reviewers found it is easy to overfill

Best small one-cup kettle

Although not technically made to be a one-cup kettle, The Compact Glass Kettle from Sage has just a one-litre capacity so we think it would be ideal for boiling a small amount of water for your brew. This space-saving kettle has an ergonomic handle so it's comfortable to pour from and a soft top lid that is designed to gently release steam and eliminates splashing for safety.

Customer review: "Nice stylish kettle. Nice to find one that can boil smaller amounts. Prompt service. Well packed."


  • Modern glass design
  • Soft open lid
  • Easy to see and clean


  • Some reviewers have reported it cracks easily

Best one-cup kettle for travel

If you're wanting to whip up a quick cuppa when you're away from home, you need the Lakeland 0.5L Travel Kettle and Accessories Set. It features a compact 500ml travel kettle plus two beakers, spoons and a divided container to put tea bags or coffee granules and sugar inside so you'll have everything you need for brews on the go. When not in use, you can pop it back inside the neat carry bag included for easy storage.

Customer review: "Lovely little travel kettle made of metal for better tasting water and an easier clean. Perfect for a brew when travelling or camping! Love this!!"


  • Compact size
  • Easy to store
  • Includes all the accessories you need to make hot drinks when travelling


  • Metal can get hot

Best for style

Enjoy your morning brew in style with the Cooks Professional Electric Instant Hot Water Dispenser. It's available in black and red, black and silver and Nordic grey, but we love the black and rose gold finish that gives this hot water dispenser a modern feel. The 2.5 litre capacity is larger compared to others on our list, but the powerful heating element boils small amounts of water in just a couple of seconds rather than heating the whole tank at once.

Customer review: "I don't have to boil a whole kettle of water just for a cup of tea now. With this hot water dispenser, I can have as little as I want for my hot drink, without concerning about energy inefficient anymore. Highly recommend for all."


  • Manual stop function
  • Sleek design
  • Removable drip tray


  • Bit leaky

Best for convenience

Last but by no means least on our list of the best one-cup kettles is another option from Breville, the Hot Cup VKJ318 Five-Cup Hot Water Dispenser. It can dispense up to 250ml of boiling water at the touch of a button and has the capacity to dispense around five cups before requiring a refill, so it's ideal for both the home and a small office. It's speedy too, as it's designed to produce a cup of hot water up to four times faster than a traditional kettle.

Customer review: "It’s fast quiet and easy to use It’s very convenient that you can adjust the volume of water, which saves energy as you don’t boil more than you need. We use large mugs for our cups of tea and it’s just perfect. It boils quicker than my old kettle as takes just around a minute. It holds plenty of water in the tank so not forever filling it up."


  • Faster than traditional electric kettles
  • Dispenses up to 250ml of water at a time
  • Non-slip feet


  • Some may find it heavy to hold under the tap to fill it


Are one-cup kettles any good?

Whether you find a one-cup kettle any good for your household will all depend on your specific needs and preferences. If you regularly need to make more than one hot drink at a time, say if you have a larger household or often have friends and family pop in for a catch-up over tea and coffee, or you need to boil big quantities of water at once, a one cup kettle might not be the right choice for you.

However, the best one-cup kettles are an excellent choice if you want to speedily heat up small amounts of water to make a quick cuppa as they offer convenience, speed, and energy efficiency. As these tend to be not as big as the average kettle, they're a good option for smaller kitchens with limited counter or storage space as they don't take up a lot of room.

Are one-cup kettles energy efficient?

One-cup kettles are very energy efficient due to their smaller size and quick heating capabilities that make sure you’re only boiling what you need. As you’re only heating up as much water as you need, these kettles stop you from wasting water as well as saving energy, making them a great eco-friendly option.

These types of kettles are designed to have rapid boiling. This means they're not the quietest kettles, but as they are on for a shorter duration compared to the average kettle, it reduces the overall amount of energy it consumes. The best one-cup kettles come equipped with features such as automatic shut-off, which will prevent them from using excess energy once the water inside has reached boiling point.

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