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If you are on the hunt for the best energy-saving kettle to save you on your bills in the long term, then look no further. Typically, electric kettles are an excellent energy-efficient option - they are substantially more power-savvy than their stove-top counterparts and can also turn themselves off once boiling stops, cutting off any unnecessary power usage. While overfilling remains common, it's best to boil just the required amount of energy. Let's get into our guide for the best kettles for your needs.

Modern smart meters offer a window into our daily consumption, both in terms of water and electricity. These meters allow you to look over your kettle's frequency of use, the energy it requires, and the amount of warm water that goes unused. Particularly in colder months, our kettle's usage tends to go up. Long story short - a faster boiling means less energy consumption over time, and kettles with around 3kW wattage typically boil quickest. You can find many kettles that fit this criteria, from the best quiet kettles to smart kettles.

Best energy-saving kettle at a glance:

Best quiet boil kettle for efficiency: Russell Hobbs Luna Quiet Boil Kettle - View on Argos
Best smart kettle for energy saving: Smarter iKettle - View on Amazon UK
Best eco-friendly kettle: Philips Eco Conscious Edition Kettle 5000 Series -View on Amazon UK
Best mid-range energy-efficient kettle: Breville Edge Electric Kettle - View on Amazon UK

A study by Science Direct shed light on our national kettle habits. It revealed, "In the UK, more than nine in ten people (90 per cent) use the kettle every day, with 40 per cent doing this five times a day or more." Guilty as charged! Though the report delves deep into the science, it boils down to one main takeaway: smart kettles trump energy efficiency over traditional ones, which goes to show how much energy could be saved nationwide if we switched to more energy-saving appliances.

So without further ado, here are our top energy-saving kettles. From the best stainless steel kettle to compact appliances for your kitchen. Here are our picks of the best kettles to save you on your bills.

Best energy-saving kettle

Best quiet kettle

Sleek and practical, the Russell Hobbs Luna Kettle promises to boil quickly without creating much noise. The efficient 1-3 cup markings allow for energy conservation, reducing consumption by up to 66 per cent when boiling just one cup. Its luminescent water window ensures you never overfill or underfill. Available in red, grey, or copper, it's tailored to align with your kitchen’s aesthetic.

Customer review: "Love this kettle, bought it to replace a very pretty kettle but couldn't hear yourself think. This is really quiet, looks good and has a fast boil. Would recommend."


  • Good value
  • Three colour options
  • Rapid boil


  • Basic design

Best smart kettle

The Smarter iKettle has a voice-controllable via Alexa or Google Home and equipped with adjustable temperature settings, it ranges between 20 to 100 degrees Celsius. Its 'keep warm' feature and customisable boiling schedules, like 'wake up' and 'home' modes, add layers of convenience to your morning cuppa ritual. Presented in three understated hues, it's bound to fit in with any kitchen.

Customer review: “This kettle is good. It is working well with Alexa. The app shows you water level and you can set how long you want it to be kept warm for once boiled. It can be operated manually or by App or Alexa. I love being able to ask Alexa to make a brew. The small downside was it was difficult to set up.”


  • Large water capacity
  • Can control via your voice and app
  • ‘Keep warm’ function
  • Variable temperature options
  • Stylish design and colours available


  • Doesn’t have double-wall technology, so the exterior will get hot

Best eco-friendly kettle

The Philips' Eco Conscious Edition Kettle 5000 Series is made of 100 per cent bio-based plastics and reduces its CO2 production footprint by a commendable 25 per cent. Paired with a strong 2200W power, it promises a swift boil for your hot drinks. Plus, the handy water level gauge promotes judicious water usage, a win-win.

Customer review: "As a house of addicted tea drinkers, we boil the kettle a LOT. We’ve been through expensive kettles and the cheapest ones, so this time wanted a middle-of-the-road kettle that was more eco friendly and looked good too. This is the best kettle we’ve ever had. You can boil just one cup super quick, it’s super lightweight and looks great too. Really delighted with this purchase."


  • Stylish design
  • Sustainably made
  • Easy to read water level and cup indicator
  • Automatic switch-off function
  • Good size


  • A little lower wattage than competitor kettles

Best mid-range energy-efficient kettle

Breville’s Edge Kettle is a combination of efficiency and style. Ingeniously designed, its water indicator transitions from white to red upon boiling and remains so until the temperature dips below 80 degrees Celsius. This offers a visible cue for reheating requirements. Crafted from durable brushed stainless steel, this kettle is excellent value.

Customer review: "Great kettle. It’s quick to boil, fairly quiet but the red light feature, where it stays red to indicate the water is still at boiling temperature is PERFECT. I have a lodger who often makes a cuppa before me, but I always fill and boil before I make mine. Several mornings now, the kettle is red, so I just pour what’s left in the cup and a perfect brew is made without having to re-boil. Obviously, saving me a bit of electricity at the same time."


  • Still hot illumination light prevents unnecessary reboiling
  • Non-fussy, modern design


  • None

Best high-end kettle

Zwilling's Enfinigy glass kettle has a transparent design so you can see your water boil in real time. Part of a range of Enfinigy products that include toasters, coffee machines and food processors by Zwilling. Made from high-quality materials with innovative design, these appliances are designed to be long-lasting. There are a range of kettles to choose from that feature temperature control. We love this Zwilling Enfinigy Glass Kettle because it lets you steep tea and because it's made of glass you can watch the water change colour. Also, the pre-boil feature, which heats water to boiling point and automatically cools it down to the desired temperature, is invaluable if you are sterilising bottles.

Customer review: "This is a great product with a high quality design. Four option for the temperature can be chosen (60, 70, 80, tea temperature and 100 degree). The inner filter can also be removed and you can keep the water warm in the kettle. Highly recommended."


  • Tea steeping functionality
  • Temperature control
  • Premium design
  • Pre-boil for sterilising


  • Power base protrudes

Best temperature control kettle

This Sage Smart Kettle isn't necessarily smart in the conventional way but refers to the temperature control brings out the best from green, white, or oolong teas. The kettle features five preset temperatures and a maintain-heat function for 20 uninterrupted minutes. Its user-friendly design showcases a prominent, illuminated start/cancel button and a detachable limescale-catching filter.

Our review: "If you are a really particular tea or coffee drinker this is the kettle to go for. Being metal it naturally keeps water warmer for longer. Sage's Smart Kettle has been developed with Heston Blumenthal with the USP of getting the maximum flavour from tea and coffee by adding water that's the optimum temperature to release tasting notes and aromas. And it's true - coffee does have more flavour when boiled at 90 degrees. Also, green tea tastes delicious, boiled at 80 degrees, allowing the delicate flavour of the leaves and jasmine to shine through.

"It's a smart looking kettle too, made of brushed stainless steel. Neat and compact, unlike the Zwilling Enfinigy Glass Kettle which has a deeper base. The ergonomic handle stays cool and the soft top lid opens gently to prevent splashing. There are dual water level indicator windows, so you can see the water level if you're using it left or right-handed. It stands steady and securely on its power base, the button controls are easy to use and there's an audible beep when the kettle's boiled. Overall, the product feels very well made. The spout is over large but that has benefits as it gives an even pour. It boils fast, just a tad noisy, but no biggie.

"Finally, I loved the keep warm feature. My freshly boiled water stayed at a constant temperature, while I prepared my cast iron teapot and spooned green tea leaves in. I loved the ritual and thoroughly enjoyed savouring this on a sunny morning by my parent's fish pond with the flag irises in full flower."


  • Effective - does produce better-tasting tea and coffee
  • Boils efficiently
  • Compact
  • Easy to use
  • Comfortable handle


  • Exterior will get hot as it doesn’t have double-wall technology

Best budget kettle

Compact yet efficient, the Quest Kettle is ideal for individual users or smaller households. Despite its lightweight design (790g), it boasts features like a water-level display and a pivoting lid. It's particularly senior-friendly too. Energy savers will appreciate its low wattage, though a bit more patience is needed for boiling.

Customer review: "It’s a good kettle it’s cute and small but I didn’t realise that when I bought it but it’s good for what it is. But for me it takes quite some time to boil the water. Also is good in its noise it doesn’t make much noise when boiling."


  • Low wattage saves on energy consumption
  • Perfect for one or two people


  • Sometimes difficult to put it back on its base

Best vacuum-insulated kettle

Merging the perks of a double-walled vacuum flask with an eco-friendly kettle, this Vektra model is an excellent pick. It keeps water piping hot for up to four hours. Crafted from premium 18/8 stainless steel, this robust kettle promises longevity, plus its design saves reboiling hassles.

Customer review: "This really is the best kettle I could have imagined for economy and eco-friendliness. I am amazed at how simple the technology is and why everyone is not doing it. The kettle is basically a thermos flask. Because the water is under pressure and insulated it boils really quickly and until you press the lever on the handle it doesn’t release any water, steam or lose any temperature. It keeps its contents hot enough to make coffee or tea for over an hour. The spout and pour lever are incredibly well engineered to only allow a sensible amount of liquid out in a steady flow."


  • Leakproof
  • Effective
  • Very quiet


  • Some reviews comment that they've had trouble opening the lid

Best energy-saving kettle under £30

While the Russell Hobbs Textures kettle might not win design awards, it's undeniably efficient. With a spacious 1.7L volume and an impressive 45-second per cup boiling rate, it swiftly serves your caffeine needs. Energy-efficient, it boasts up to a 70 per cent reduction in energy consumption. Besides, it's budget-friendly and comes with a three-year guarentee too.

Customer review: "If you are looking for a lightweight white plastic kettle with a perfect pour this Russell Hobbs Textures White Plastic Kettle is the one you need. I've got bad joints so I need a lightweight kettle that pours properly. Very quiet and boils very quickly. I'm 100 per cent happy with my purchase and I recommend to everyone."


  • Good value
  • Decent build quality
  • Boils fast


  • Design is a little dull

What to consider when buying a kettle

Kettles have long been kitchen mainstays for more than just brewing tea. From your morning coffee to instant meals like pasta, they play a surprisingly versatile role in our daily culinary routines. But what should you keep in mind when selecting one?

Energy-saving: If being eco-friendly is a top priority, an electric kettle is your best bet. They typically operate between 2-3kW. Remember, higher wattage translates to quicker boiling times. Little fact - the first automatic stainless steel kettle was by Russell Hobbs in 1955, using steam to trigger an auto shut-off, ensuring efficiency and safety.

Limescale filter: Especially useful for those in hard water regions, choose a kettle specifically designed to combat limescale build-up to ensure you have purer water.

Water level indicator: A clear indicator helps you fill just the right amount of water, avoiding energy waste from boiling more than needed.

Advanced features: If you're willing to invest a bit more, modern smart kettles come packed with features like silent boiling, precise temperature settings, prolonged 'keep warm' settings, voice commands, and even app compatibility.

FAQs: Best energy-saving kettle

How do I measure the energy consumption of my kettle?

One way to see how much energy your kettle is using is to do an experiment with your smart metre's in-home display (IHD). An IHD shows you how much energy you're using in kilowatt hours (kWh) and it shows how much it costs. Citizens Advice suggests turning off all devices, except essential electricals, then using your kettle to see how much it costs you.

If you don't have an in-home display or smart meter, you can work out how much your kettle costs to use with this equation:

Appliance Power (W) x Amount of Time Used (p/h) x GBP per kWh (0.33) / 100 = Price Per Use

As of April 2023 the unit rate for electricity is on average 33.21p/kWh.

Amount of Time must be in decimals (0.5 is 30mins, 1.5 is 90mins)

For example, if you've totted up that you use your 3000W kettle for 15 minutes a day the sum is:

3000 x 0.25 x 0.33 / 100

Rounded up, it works out at 2.5 pence a day to use a kettle.

Are smart kettles energy-efficient?

Many smart kettles come with energy-saving features such as precise temperature control, which means you only use as much energy as needed for your desired temperature. However, always check the product specifications and reviews to ensure energy efficiency.

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